Saturday, January 2, 2021

What We Found On The Net Today: IndieCade: A History & Earwig and the Witch

 You can get the history of IndieCade in a free PDF below. It goes back all the way to the start.


by: Celia Pearce

IndieCade: A History — The Interdependence of Independents chronicles the story of IndieCade as told by one of its three co-founders—its modest beginnings and evolving role in the larger independent games ecosystem over its decade-plus history. More broadly, it situates IndieCade within a historical context, looking at the various factors of the indie ecosystem that have contributed to making independent games writ large such a major force in today’s video game industry.

Also, here's all the games that have been part of IndieCade and gone on to be on Steam and consoles. 

Alumni Successes

Hmmm, I'm sure I'll watch it, but doesn't look like Ghibli's most magical film.