Thursday, September 17, 2020

Local: Things Could Be Better


There's a special drive-in event in Chinatown Oct 2-4, but only 100 cars can go each night. Tickets go on sale September 21st. 

The rest of this is all pretty bad or sad.


$275,000 is now the reward money for anyone leading to the arrest of whomever shot two officers minding their own business in a police car in Compton. Authorities asked anyone with information to call 323-890-5500. Those who wish to remain anonymous can contact “Crime Stoppers” by calling 800-222-TIPS (8477), using the “P3 Tips” mobile app or visiting
For some dumb reason our Sheriff asked basketball star Lebron James to match the reward total for another $100,000 when it was that amount. After that, Kobe Bryant's widow got angry at the idea an cited how his own deputies took pictures and leaked them for cash. They leaked photos of the helicopter site where they recovered her husband and daughter's bodies.
But it doesn't stop there.

A reporter for KPCC/LAist got arrested at the hospital the two officers we're taken to as protesters stupidly we're there to -we're not sure, but to egg on police. Some sources say they were there to send a message telling police they hope the cops in the shooting die. Josie Huang of KPCC started recording a protestor and the deputies arrested her seemingly unlawfully.

Oh and fellow local radio station isn't doing great either with staff having to leave over lack of funds due to Covid.

It's ridiculous how little has been made for the homeless with so much money given to the program. 

No one is saying anything about corruption, but if it's not that, then it's incompetence.
We're having these moments thanks to the lack of places for homeless to stay even though there's a billion dollars in money to have a place. WTF?
Dodger Fans were not happy to have the Astros back in town. They got caught cheating, but kept the World Series title from us. So some fans hired a plane to fly this over Dodger Stadium for their latest game. "Hey Astros, Try Stealing This Sign," was up in the air.  It's noting the fact that the Astros were cheating by figuring out and watching the Dodger's hand signals or signs. 

The original Pacific Dining Car is switching to selling food online, it doesn't seem like the restaurant is gonna be around after Covid as their selling everything inside it.