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Monday, September 28, 2020

It's Yom Kippur So Don't Forget The Holocaust


Today is Yom Kippur a day of atonement for the Jewish people and the most sacred of the high holidays, we look back at the year at what we did wrong. We wash away our sins and try to be better people in the next year. Use to literally do that on the beach, that's not a metaphor. You could write out what you did and have it taken away. We should really do that more, it's a good ceremony.

As it's a sacred day, we're not supposed to really do anything: no work or even eat. This was pre-written, know-it-all. We fast until sunset. As such, this is the only post for today.

Just a reminder, the Holocaust was real. If you're Jewish you're going to probably hear stories about that today. Sadly, news online is reporting people don't know what it is or when it happened. It happened during World War II and millions of Jews and other people died in a genocide by the Nazis. Who you should know from movies and television as the bad guys or " It's Nazis, it's always Nazis." And if the Nazis had won no Jews and no America.

I'm over simplifying a ton of stuff that's tragic and some of the worst cruelty in human history, but just sharing a few things here in case you want proof or bored or want to know what people are talking about. Don't repeat history and learn from the mistakes of others. Y'know that jazz.

If you want a good resource other than just going on Wikipedia, there is the Holocaust Museum LA or the Museum of Tolerance both have a tons of proof that the Holocaust happened and try, in maybe some what too artsy ways teach you about the Holocaust and to be tolerant. And, hey if you want some strange stuff to go give to people, the Museum of Tolerance does have a gift shop. Get an eraser with the literal word racism on it.

You also have this better ending to Jews leaving Europe on a boat movie that came out, Nobody Wants Us. At least I assume it went better later in the war. The other time in history it did not go well on the St. Louis. Teaching us that every country should shut up and screws up.

As always, the Holocaust was real, it sucked. Nazis suck.