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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Beyond Fest 2020: F&%k Covid Edition Almost Sold-Out


4 movies are not sold out as of writing this. As we warned you Thursday, Beyond Fest is still happening this year and in a drive-in theater no less. The people behind Beyond Fest have been doing it for weeks now, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Almost everything is sold out though, so hurry and grab what remaining tickets there are left of this years wonderful selection of murder, mayhem and some sort of drug based time travel, that old gem.

Oct 2-8
Mission Tiki Drive-In, Clairmont

The lovely titled Beyond Fest 2020: F&%k Covid Edition has many special premieres that sadly are sold out, but hopefully will be coming to your local drive-in. The West Coast Premiere of Possessor Uncut is a literal mind-melter from Brandon Cronenberg son of David Cronenberg and we can't wait to see it in a drive-in Oct 9th.

We're dismayed that the darn thing can't be in it's ancestral home of the Egyptian, but it's powering on to smash Covid in its d&@k.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow, we just posted on in our Friday Posters section, is something to sink our teeth into, it'll be out on Oct 9th too, but at home on Video on Demand. One deputy just wants to get a win and one werewolf is stopping him.

We're are beyond bummed we didn't rush to grab tickets for Psycho Goreman, also, as a joke, known as PG, which will not doubt be the bloodiest mess at Beyond Fest this year.

Face it, every movie at Beyond Fest this year is worth watching just for whatever crazy experience Beyond Fest has dreamed up. We're amazed it's not completely sold out, but past this weekend forget it.