Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Game Hype: IndieCade 2020, Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles & Shing! Review


How many times have I written that IndieCade is dead as a joke or a subterfuge for a compelling story about it moving to another location. Not this time, but it has changed once again from its start in Culver City as a jam-packed three day affair. Now it's " Anywhere and Everywhere" as it goes online in the days of the pandemic.
One of our most celebrated events on the site has changed with the times to provide game makers and players to a place they can visit online without fear of getting sick. But possibly getting sick of all the indie games.

Check out the nominated games here, they look like they'll be on your Steam Wish List in no time.

Here's a good amount of info from the press release and looks like there's a Kickstarter to help out:

IndieCade is going virtual for its 2020 #AnywhereAndEverywhere global online festival, featuring nine days of 24-hour programming on October 16-24. The 2020 festival lineup will include gameplay, exhibitions, conference sessions, workshops, discussions, Twitch streams and more, in addition to a virtual showcase of this year’s nominated titles that highlight top achievement across indie gaming. IndieCade is an independent, volunteer- and sponsor-supported event dedicated to cultivating innovation and artistry across indie game development, and to fund this year’s festival and future events, organizers have launched a Kickstarter to help build a virtual architecture to showcase top interactive media and emerging indie developers. For more details or to pledge support, visit:

Mario Kart Tour Los Angeles 

Yes, the plucky plumber is heading to LA. In what will be some great visuals, the online phone version of Mario K
art will be in LA for a while. Re-imagined versions of famous spots in LA will be put into the "new Los Angeles Tour event, which is available to play now and runs until Oct. 6 at 10:59 p.m. PT."-from the press release

Looks like you can see a sunny version of Santa Monica...oh, I miss the Splatoon even Nintendo had there.


Ninja power! Shing! has hit the scene like a ninja star to the face. A strange new entity in the co-op market. It's like your other average 4 player fighter, except for it's somewhat strange controls. It took me and two of my mates, quite a time to get into the rhythm of using our joysticks and not our buttons to bash enemies. 
That's where it lost me and a lot of friends, we were willing to try it out, but it's so unlike an average game; having to use the analog sticks to both move and fight and solve puzzles.

The world itself seems to have a fairly long story and you can see time and effort put in. But it's just something my friends and I didn't want to try and master because we aren't use to those controls.
Out now on all major platforms for $19.99

Game provided by publisher for review purposes