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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: What I'm Probably Gonna Buy For My Friends Birthdays Next Year & Some Heat Aid

I probably won't have them as friends if I only get Oscar Mayer Wienermoible merch from


This stuff is legit, official merch that I can't think of giving it to people unless there was some better connection. And there is not.



Materials & Applications is converting the M&A Storefront (1313 Sunset Blvd, Echo Park) into a mutual aid drop-off center and collection site. From there, we will coordinate with already existing initiatives including Water Drop LA, SELAH, and Street Watch to distribute these donations. Email us to schedule a drop-off or stop by Monday - Friday 5 pm-6 pm. 

We need:
- water, preferably bottles packaged in large palettes for easier distribution 
- shade devices (umbrellas, tents, etc)
- sunscreen 
- $$$$ Venmo us @materialsandapplications

We could also use:
- a fridge or freezer to ice water bottles 
- volunteers who will work directly with our partner outreach organizations (DM us and we will connect!)

Our goal is to get cold or ice water, shade devices, and material supplies out to people from Tuesday to Friday this week. All material and monetary goods collected by M&A will be distributed in coordination with local organizations including Waterdrop LA, SELAH and Street Watch.