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Monday, August 31, 2020

Anime Hype: Anime LA, Assassination Classroom Is Not Sgt Frog, You Don't Have To Lick The Sticker


Assassination Classroom Is Coming to Toonami. But, honestly we wish Sgt. Frog was there too. That anime was dubbed with Toonami in mind and we think not enough people go to know about the amphibian invader and his platoon of sociopaths. Sigh.


Instead, we're getting another group of killers and psychos. A bunch of kids trying to kill a super powerful alien squid man, who also just wants them to get a good educations, before he destroys the Earth.

The series started started playing on August 29th.The Funimation English dub of the series will continue to air at 1 a.m. via Fun



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