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Monday, August 31, 2020

Rogue Legacy 2 Early Access Review: Die, Kill Eyeballs, Repeat

By Jonathan Bilski

Couldn't believe I put 6 hours into this thing, but time flies when your constantly reincarnated into your children. That's sort of the premise in this rogue-like, I mean rogue is in the title, descendant spitting-out dungeon crawler. Now mind you, Rogue Legacy 2 is in Early Access, so it ain't officially done and it shows, but it already has me wanting to come back when it's really ready for release. Now let's get to the sweet release of death that happens every few minutes into playing this game... at first.

In Rogue Legacy 2, you once again die, come back as a descendant and die again. Each time you might gain some more gold and be able to level up your descendant or find a new item or possibly unlock a special ability. It's gonna take a while.

Me, (sultry music plays), sigh, I don't know why I kept coming back to have an eyeball laser me or a skeleton slice me. 

OH YEAH! Because of the weird genetic trait system. When you come back your descendant might be a wizard or ranger or barbarian, but that's not a genetic trait. Farting is.

Every time you pass on you can come back, bu you might have a disorder that causes you to pass gas like flatulence which you will see on screen. But it gets crazier, you genetic traits can affect gameplay and how hard it is to see the game. You might be colorblind in the next play through and the game becomes monochrome. You might become dyslexic so the gameplay goes upside down (my best playthrough for some reason). You might get that trait where you can't tell people by their faces, so enemies become pixelated. It's fun to see what will happen next or if it's worth be a dwarf or a giant or a more clumsy character. I can't say I like being a Pacifist, which isn't genetic, neither is being Vegan, but still fun rolled into the game.

This time around, if your genetic trait can be unfavorable to you it will be financially easier on you. So, you earn more money in those play through where your trait makes the game harder for you.

The game really wants you to earn every little thing here and there and I'd like more of a distinct look to the game are the gripes
But, it's so to get addicted to and when it's properly finished I'm sure I'm just gonna want to clear the game and kill all those stupid eyeballs looking down at me...with lasers.

Game provided by publisher for review purposes