Friday, August 7, 2020

Ren & Stimpy Reboot: The Beginning of the End, Animaniacs Reboot, Hazbin Hotel & More Cartoon News

So after my last post I discovered this


Now, here's few things to get from this comic and thread on the Ren & Stimpy reboot.

The cartoonist who drew it's point is construed multiple ways in the thread. From the thread, the main point that's trying to be made is not liking any cartoonist who draws people that make them feel uneasy with their body or overly sexualized. And in general drawing unrealistic sexy women.

But as many else in the thread point out, it can be taken many other ways. And because it's an open forum all have to be considered.

One way is that anyone associated with the original Ren & Stimpy are sexist and bad. Which I have to disagree with right away as the only person known for doing anything bad was the creator John K. No one else involved as far as I know had any problems.

In fact, someone who worked on the show is working on the Animaniacs reboot will be bringing up later in this article. Many of the talented cartoonists went on to work on a number of cartoons after Ren & Stimpy and it's unfair to portray them in a negative light.

Another problem is it's an old man, drawing the "sexy" picture, when artist Katie Rice is known for drawing scantily clad ladies. She was one of those abused by John K and worked on the show. When you have a comic that diminishes anyone who worked on the show, you throw the women who worked on it too.

This twitter post and the many others that have come out adds fuel to the fire on the reboot coming out in a terrible climate of the ongoing #metoo movement. Comics, art and ideas expressed can be taken the wrong way or not the way the original creator intended. Or maybe just as intended. 

In any case, it once again shows ViacomCBS not caring or understanding why bringing back the intellectual property of a dumb cat and abusive dog is a bad idea right now.

Once again, I'm guessing it'll be cancelled before it comes out.

Some side notes from the thread:

-Apparently, John K, won't make any money off the show, I'm not sure how that's possible, but big studios are capable of screwing over creators. via Rolling Stone

-I would assume his name would appear at the start of each episode with a created by credit.

Animaniacs is comic back this November on Hulu. I think we accidentally reported it was Netflix. I'm happy to report on it and can't wait to see it, but I have to wonder what was going on behind the scenes. It was announced back in 2018 and no one heard anything on it for years. It's already scheduled for a second season too? Oddly, it won't be on HBO Max, because maybe the deal for it didn't exist when HBO Max was event dreamed up.


Hazbin Hotel, the devilish, pretty messed up cartoon is now part of A24's catalog, they own the rights to it. Essentially, that means they can help get it on streaming services or TV and help produce it. Looking forward it to airing somewhere with at least a 13 episode order in the future.

Internet rumors are flying of the main character, Luz, might come out as gay in the latest episode of The Owl House. Not like that's happened in numerous cartoons at this point.

 This episode has been waited on by fans as Kermit the Frog is in it? And makes fun of Gravity Falls.