Monday, August 24, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience, Urban Legends of Southern California Drive-Thru, Calendar of Outdoor Films, My Mail?!?, & Little Tokyo Help

Looks like some people looked at our post on them or saw it somewhere else, but Japan had the idea for Haunted drive-thrus before us. We're getting them here in SoCal.


Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience is taking place in October. It"ll cost you $59 per car and is located somewhere in downtown LA. It's got all the marking of Netflix, so it's as an official haunt for the show.

What'll happen? It looks like you'll cruise in your car around Hawkins and probably the Upside Down at some point I'll while being scared by monsters from the show. It sounds great for fans of the show.

We're guessing it's gonna be overloaded with sales, so you might want to join the wait-list on the site, it goes on sale Tuesday, August 26th 12pm.

Urban Legends of Southern California is starting Oct 1st thru Nov 1st, but it's taking place at the OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa. Tickets start at $49.99 and up.

The people behind this one have done Dark Harbor and look like they've given it a lot of thought. This one has different zones, where your car will come to a complete stop and a horror story will unfold and in-between you'll have drive-thru scares.
Can't wait to learn what urban legends they'll use or they'll just make up some. There might also be special nights like Pride and classic car.
It's good to see some haunts we'll be in SoCal this Halloween.

via the OC Register

-All of L.A.’s outdoor movies in one calendar


-‘Like Armageddon’: Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks 

 Some very disturbing reports from the LA Times about how bad the postal service is doing with their new boss. A lot of stupid moves like shutting down mail-sorting machines for no reason and just not letting postpeople do their jobs. If you want to know why your mail is so late, read this.


 Little Tokyo Small Business Relief Fund 

Many of the shops and businesses in Little Tokyo aren't doing so good. If you want to donate some money to help them out during Covid, here's the place.