Thursday, July 23, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Is Valley Village Park A Holodeck Program?, Katsu Sando Opens Friday, Yakuza: Like a Dragon & Watching Movies On Tiny Boats

There's some park in LA that looks like it's just running a holdoeck thanks to some stickers care of a man named Arthur Edward Chadwick. Fans of Star Trek, be on the look out for these stickers put on some recycling trash cans that make some park in LA look like a holodeck program is running.

You can find them in what seems to be Valley Village Park at this location

Wouldn't it be sweet if Robert Picardo (The Doctor) just waited nearby and asked how your were feeling?

But if you do find it, please, please dress up and do some Sherlock Holmes or Abraham Lincoln cosplay and post it on Twitter.


We really want to try the news Japanese sandwiches at Katsu Sando's
Katsu Sando’s Chinatown Shop Opens on Friday With Craveable Convenience Store Bites

Can't say we like another Japanese sandwich shop, Konbi, past it's presentation. And forget the $70 special sandwich unless you're rolling in it. It's Grand Opening is this Friday 7/24.

Huh, why's a Japanese sandwich shop opening in Chinatown and not Little Tokyo or on Sawtelle?

A game we've been waiting on, Yakuza: Like a Dragon has a release date, November of this year.

Supposedly, we're getting tiny boats to watch movies in, where and when hasn't been made clear.
Floating cinema equipped with social distancing boats coming to Los Angeles

We found it funny that HBO Max actually lists the full names of The Powerpuff Girls, as they are the daughters of Professor Utonium, but misses on other user interface issues. So maybe there's just a good cartoon database hidden in there.