Friday, July 31, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Geese, Crabs, Curses, Popcorn, Cats, Fruit Loops and Strawberries

Untitled Goose Game - “Lovely Edition” (Nintendo Switch)
from iam8bit
Pre-order $ 39.99

Fight Crab is out now on Steam and is coming to Switch soon, Sept 15.

Sadako at the End of the World Manga coming in October.
$15.00 10/20/20
-Didn't think this one would get a legal release in the US.

Yes, the Japanese horror movie lady that comes out of your TV has a post-apocalypse manga. She pals around two little girls who don't get that she's cursed them. Sadako also seems sad there aren't many humans left to curse.

-Arena Cinelounge Gourmet Popcorn is a thing so that the theater can stay around after Covid.

CatCafe Lounge is asking for donations to stay afloat for another two months. I love the place, but it seems like it's gonna be hard to keep the place functioning by donation. It just had a donation drive, but then everything got shut down again.

You can donate here.

We can't find Tropical Froot Loops, and the look so tasty. We also haven't been able to head to a Japanese supermarket and see if they even have Strawberry Coke in stock. *Strawberry Coke is from Japan you won't find it in a regular market.