Friday, July 24, 2020

What We Found On The Net Today: Harley & Ivy, Slimes For Lunch, Animal Crossing Pins & More

-If only we got this version of Harley and Ivy. Oddly enough Shane Glines designed the characters for the current Harley Quinn show anyway.

You can just cut Slimes for your lunch in Japan. via miki800

Animal Crossing Inspired Sticker Pack by Christopher Lee came out, but sadly it's sold out.

He does have some of the designs turned to pins.

 Pricey TMNT toy from Super 7 from SDCC 2020.

YOLO: Crystal Fantasy premieres Sunday, August 9th at Midnight ET. Check out the first episode online, headed to Adult Swim. For adults and teenagers.

And for younger kids. Trick Moon for Cartoon Network, just a short, doesn't look like it's gonna be a series, but just a cute short to watch.