Wednesday, July 15, 2020

GKids Doesn't Mess Up Gets Same Dub Cast For Lupin III: The First

Whenever the CGI version of Lupin III: The First comes out in America it'll have the usual dub cast you've heard over the years. We've got the same dub cast since it's been airing on Adult Swim. GKids, whose bringing the film state side did the right thing and got the cast we all know and love.
Lupin III – Tony Oliver
Daisuke Jigen – Richard Epcar
Goemon Ishikawa – Lex Lang
Fujiko Mine – Michelle Ruff
Koichi Zenigata – Doug Erholtz
Laetitia – Laurie C. Hymes
Lambert – J. David Brimmer
Gerard – Paul Guyet

If you noticed that there's a different Zenigata, it's sadly because the voice actor who played him, Dan Lorge, passed on.

Still no word on a release date for North America, but at least we have the right cast.