Thursday, August 8, 2019

What's It Like At The Taco Bell Hotel

By Jonathan Bilski

Do you hear the sound of angelic trumpets? Or perhaps a Mariachi band? Glistening in the desert sun of Palm Springs was none other than The Taco Bell Hotel.

A pop-up hotel that sold out in 2 minutes online was soon going to be filled with guests who wanted to both get it on and eat tacos. The Bell: A Taco Bell Resort opens to it's guest this Thursday, August 8th, 2019.  I was led on a tour and was there for the ribbon-cutting of this funky new mash-up of "Mexican" food and hospitality.

You'll check into the lobby then head over to your Taco Bell decked out room if you were lucky enough to snag a room. And everything inside your room has a little reminder of where you are with a logo of where you're staying. Hotel guests get a complimentary breakfast with their stay.

Guests can enjoy the "Freeze Lounge" a special chill out room that has a special edition Baja Blast Birthday Freeze, celebrating 15 years of the special Mountain Dew served at Taco Bell.
Why not change up your looks with a Cinnamon Twist, Cinnamon Twist Braids that is. At the Salon at the hotel you can have the Taco Bell logo shaved into your head, get your nails done like they they're product placement and of course, style your hair like food from Taco Bell. Oh, and for $10 you'll get a sauce packet flower to put in your new doo.

The pool area serves both special edition eats that won't be on the menu anywhere else "for the time being" and music for live bands playing through-out the pop-ups run. There's hot sauce packet floaties to lounge on while you wait for a new special item to become available each hour. A bell will bong to notify guests there's something new to try.

And, oh yes they'll be playing movies by the pool including Demolition Man for its connection to the restaurant franchise in the future. They apparently win the fast food least in the American version, Pizza Hut wins it for Brits as Taco Bell isn't over there.

Oddly, no sombreros in the gift shop. Seriously though, the collection they have is perfect for Summer time fun. My favorites of what you can get have to be the DIFF X Taco Bell 'Hot Luka' Sunglasses, towels and Official T-shirt. Check out more of their special collection below.

You can also rent a Taco Bell-themed bike to ride around Palm Springs.