Friday, August 9, 2019

Nintendo, Y'Know Pomona Sucks & Cocktail Party Mouse Taxidermy Workshop

Next month will see some strange events here in SoCal. The first is Nintendo being at the LA County Fair with the Nintendo Switch Road Trip: Pomona, CA.

Because as we all know, everyone in the LA area loves Pomona...ugh. Why not just put it in the desert, Pomona, blech. And it starts on 9/11. Anyway for five days you"ll be able to check out what looks like a fun demo area of all things Nintendo, just in an inconvenient location. And having to pay for the LA County Fair.

Also in September, at the tail end is freaky "fun" taxidermy worshops. Tickets are between $200-$325 going on Sept 28-29th.
Cocktail Party Mouse Taxidermy Workshop
Cat Skeleton Articulation Workshop
Chipmunk Nun Taxidermy Workshop
Octopus Taxidermy Workshop
Magician Squirrel Taxidermy Workshop