Friday, August 16, 2019

Anime Hype: Blu-ray Buys

Here's some Blu-rays for some animes we've enjoyed streaming.

*all prices that follow as of 8/15/19 on Amazon

Hinatmasuri is the simple, time honored story of a super powerful telekinetic little girl bothering a Yakuza she accidentally drops in on one day, who eventually becomes her Dad. The cast grows with other telekinetic girls who are all basically idiots too. It was probably one of our favorite 2018 comedy animes.

The premise, bad, bad parenting and the ridiculous nature of the main character, Hina, a extremely powerful telekinetic, who just  cares about eating food makes a wonderful sitcom-esque story you'll want to follow.

$22.99 out Aug 20th

This is that butt sport anime, that's pretty much it of explanation needed.

Big O  
$52.99 out Aug 20th
It's showtime! The series mixes Batman with giant robots and an ending that only the Japanese thought would be clever, it isn't. It comes out in a new Steelbook format. Yes, it's missing both theme songs you might have heard when it was on Toonami, because somehow both theme songs were stolen beats. 
This new edition looks very nice and comes with a new art book.

Out Oct 15th
These both come from Tsuburaya Productions who helped created Godzilla and the rest of the first Toho monsters. Ultraman is considered one of the best heroes from Japanese culture and is usually recognized from his appearances in almost all manga an anime in some way or another. Ultra Q is a Japanese version of the Twilight Zone or X-Files, but made way back in the year 1966. So, instead of the themes you might find in those American shows, you'll probably get kaiju.
Lastly, we move on to some G series, Goblin Slayer and Golden Kamuy.

$72.66 Out Oct 29
Unlike other adventurers this guy only has one goal in life, killing all the g-damn goblins in the world. Sure, other heroes are off literally saving the world from the "dark lord", but our main character just wants all goblins dead. For such a simple premise and simple story it's more entertaining it should be with high-levels of violence, MacGyver plans and boobies.

$49.99 out Oct 15

I'd highly recommend seeing season 1 of this series that is both a cooking show and ultra violent quest for gold. The series is basically around a young girl whose an Indian, who teams up with a soldier whose like Wolverine and can't die in battle. Filled with a cast of some really, really awful human beings. And the problem is, these awful human beings are where the laughs come from. Be it from someone who makes clothes out of people's skin or getting a new leg that's a gun. You'll never forget that most of these people are really messed up.

And squirrel brains will never look more tasty.