Friday, August 30, 2019

Uzumaki 2020

Junji Ito's super messed up manga is being turned into a special 4-part 80 minute anime for Toonami. Ughhh, but it's not out this October for Halloween, it's out some time in 2020. That's such a strange curve ball from Toonami. They choose some less than top-tier anime, but sometimes fund some great stuff. They're in it with Production IG. Supposedly, it'll be in black and white just like the manga.

Uzumaki is a manga of Japanese seaside town that starts getting weirder and weirder all wrapped around SPIRALS. It's like a nightmare version of  Gurren Lagann and its drill fetish; just in how much drills are brought up. You ain't getting no giant robots. Uzumaki is really about a young teenage girl whose life gets more and more horrible as does her town as basically nightmare scenarios befall them.

If only they made a good version of Gyo.