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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Movie Hype: Promare, Memory: The Origins of Alien & One Cut of the Dead

From those kooky kids who gave us Gurren Lagann comes an utterly bizarre take on being a firefighter when having fire powers makes you a mutant like in X-Men. Catch the special screenings this September in theaters. Here's coverage on it from Anime Expo 2019.
We've been waiting on this one since we've heard of it. A doc on the master class in sc-fi horror, Alien. We'll explore what scares us with the first trailer to come out. Memory has been doing well in the festival circuit and we get in in theaters in early October. Though we might get in streaming or VOD in September.
We're finally getting this stateside with even some theater screenings in September. TTDILA saw the only showing the film had in LA way back last year as part of the Japan Film Festival. This is a great horror comedy. The marketing is still way off with still using Shaun of the Dead as a reference as it's nothing like the other film. A sweet low-budget horror comedy to enjoy for a night out or on Shudder when they start streaming it.