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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Foodie Space: Take Pics & Get Hungry

By Jonathan Bilski

Those chopsticks are as big as people
Open for a limited time and making you hungry is the brand new pop-up, The Foodie Space. It just opened up for Thanksgiving and will having you taking out your phone to click pics of you and your friends with giant food art.

The Foodie Space
Starts Nov 21
Pasadena Museum of California Art
490 Union Street
Pasadena, CA 91101
*Park in the museum

The new pop-up is housed in the now defunct Pasadena Museum of California Art, so that means plenty of gallery room to take photos with food. There's a number of exhibits to play with and pose on/with.

Where to start? Do you want to marry some fries? Pick up an oil drum-sized can of soda? Pretend to try eat sushi made for giants or swing a tea bag in the air?What spot will you choose or what picture will you try and take with so many food art options?

And yeah, it's all food based. It makes sense coming from the same people who bring us 626 came up with this pop-up. Though, we thought there would be a boba ball pit. The caviar ball pit makes up for it...and it was kind of our favorite when we walked through the different exhibits.

We would have liked a few more exhibits to take pictures with. Some take up quite a lot of space when there's plenty of room. Maybe, The Foodie Space could add some more during its run.

For now, you have a bowel of pho noodles, a giant pizza and a bag of chips snacks to take photos with. So plan out extensive shots for your holiday cards or just for your social feed.

Don't come here hungry!