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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Nintendo Hollywood Store at Universal CityWalk?

Now this is unconfirmed and the only source is the Paul Gale Network, which we've never heard of, but supposedly there's going to be a Nintendo Store at Universal CityWalk. From Paul Gale's post, it'll take up location where Saddle Ranch use to be for years. If that's true, then the Nintendo store will really be just outside of CityWalk and right near the entrance of the theme park. Official word is supposedly coming Nov 16th.

If true, this would be crazy good news for Nintendo fans. It also makes sense as a planned section of Universal is going to be Super Nintendo World, but no doubt has been set in stone.

Now, we've heard from different people working in Nintendo that no where in LA was financially secure enough to open up shop.We've been told that no matter the location in the LA area it wouldn't be sustainable. So maybe, Universal is cutting Nintendo a deal on the store, on rent or owning a piece of it, if true.

Now, Nintendo has used CityWalk before. Nintendo and Iam8bit launched the DSi ages ago there. And CityWalk has been used for various gaming events back when GameStop was there. So, it's feasible for a Nintendo store to take root. It's probably the best location in LA with sadly, terrible costly parking.

We'll give you an update if anything is confirmed.