Thursday, November 15, 2018

New GLORP Holiday Cards For 2018

We've enjoyed the undeniably strange and weird holiday cards of Brad McGinty for many happy holidays over the years. This year we have two new wonderful postcards to make people scratch their heads and laugh when they get them in the mail.

Extreme X-MAS #1 Special Gold Foil Collector's Edition Holiday Cards!
$10 for six cards

In what is a clear homage to the 90's X-Men comics you have this new holiday postcard remind you Santa isn't only jolly, but he can kick your ass.  Have an Extreme X-Mas! It has real gold foil to match the comic covers of the 90's.

Santa Sauce and the Baby Beefus VHS Holiday Cards
$8 for six cards

A card that shows you the cringiest Christmas special of all produced by Arby's. It already leaves a rotten taste in my mouth.

And for those unfaithful to getting the cards over the years, there's a special deal.

Horrible Holiday Poscards Wax Pack!
$5 for 5 cards

Get 5 random cards from the entire holiday Glorp card collection and a mystery sticker.