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Monday, November 12, 2018

A Horror Movie In The Making: Sleepover at Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Ever wanted to spend the night surrounded by puppets? No, and no, it's not a cheezy SyFy channel movie or something you quickly skip over on Netflix, it's a real night at a puppet theater. For some reason, missing its mark for Halloween, there's a Sleepover at Bob Baker Marionette Theater this Saturday night. It'll cost you a whopping $150, but, hey, can you put a price on what clearly will go wrong and be written about as an urban legend for generations.

Tickets and info

The night consists of a special puppet show, special access to the theater and a midnight snack, which will probably be you being eaten by the puppets come to life. Ominously, the puppets who are tricking people to stay the night end their info with:

Finally, we'll settle in for a midnight snack and a screening of some archival films before "lights out."