Saturday, November 3, 2018

Movie Hype: 2.0 aka Endhiran 2

Oh man, it's been years in the making and we already just can't wait to see it in America. Indian Film Festival, book this for April! 2.0 aka Endhiran 2 comes out in India this year. The trailer below just shows us a glimpse of the crazy that makes a Transformer look bland in comparison. These films have musical numbers. Musical numbers in a robot fight movie? Yes, please.
The first Endhiran came out in 2010, so we've waited eight years for a sequel that looks totally worth it. It's says on it's Wikipedia pag  it's out for international release on Nov 29th, but we haven't heard word of it playing anywhere in LA, yet. Will give you a heads up when we get any news about any screenings, but it may be only with the Indian Film Festival ( in April), a special screening or a year or two wait before we get it here.