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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tetris Tournament Downtown

So I got to talk to the event planner Vince Clemente, whose behind the Tetris Tournament happening this Saturday. He answered a few of my questions.

Vince explained the tournament was created in response out of a need of Tetris World Champion Robin Mihara. Rob won the 1990 tournament that Nintendo created which goes to show how cool Nintendo is. They had freaken video game championships. He is holding the tournament to find the best players and though it's open to anyone, he's asked the best players in the world to participate.

Vince also explained there filming a documentary about Rob and his obsession with Tetris called
Ecstasy of Order. I'm sure it will be right next to King of Kong in funny video game documentaries. Hopefully, they contact I am 8-bit to do a animated short explaining the history of Tetris. I watched a short special about Tetris on Techtv and they could  easily do a short about it strange past. Just think if the Ecstasy of Order crew captures you on video in the background, you could always pause it and point to yourself. The creator was kind of screwed because Russia was more communist back then. BTW the creator of Tetris will have a taped message for the audience in attendance.

Why should you go?

Free stuff. Yeah there giving away DS's and games and other free stuff.
Plus, the after party will have Chitptune bands.

Why should you play?

The winner wins $1,000
Second place gets you a Wii

Here's all the info

 August 8, 2010 from 12pm to 11pm

Downtown Independent
251 S Main St.
 Los Angeles

$10 bucks to enter

This is the second Tetris event happening in LA. Tetricide started weeks ago. The video game multimedia art show ends the day before the tournament. So you could have a all Tetris Weekend.

closing reception Saturday August 7th

$5. 9pm all ages
 (All ages seems sketchy to me, some of that stuff is creepy as hell)
presented by Sean Carnage & walt! productions

performances by
(+ special guest)
Graffiti Monsters
with DJs
Jacob SafariKyle Mabson

Here are some pics.