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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nisei Week Returns

The Japanese festival in Little Tokyo "Nisei Week" has been sparkling events since the start of August. No real idea why it's called Nisei week when the huge events just happen this weekend. August 14th and 15th

Wikipedia tells us Nisei means 2nd generation in Japanese, describing the first American born Japanese, a group which the seven day festival was originally meant to attract. Though named for the Nisei generation, Nisei Week is no longer targeted at Niseis, nor is the festival still contained within a week.

Head down to Little Tokyo this Saturday and Sunday for festival events, live music, sales, food booths, and more . To big booth setups will cover Little Tokyo one in the JACCC Plaza and one in the JANM courtyard. There be booths with food and other goodies in between. Sales might be going on and fun activities through out the weekend like Karoke and Sumo demonstrations.

It's a great way to spend the weekend.

The tanabata festival will be in force. Tanabatas are huge lanterns that will be hanging behind the Japanese American National Museum

The Grand Parade starts at 5:30pm Sunday. Get their early because all traffic will blocked around Little Tokyo when it starts. The Grand Parade is a great spectacle of all aspects of Japanese culture. They even have a cosplay march for the Otaku.

If you haven't noticed Tokidoki is doing the artwork for this years 70th annual festival.

Anime Jungle is showing off the person who played Kikaida in Japan
better known in america as Kikaider, yes there was a live action show based on this anime shown on adult swim.

The only problem is the info on the Nisei week site is a bit out of it currently, hopefully it updates soon.