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Monday, August 9, 2010

Korean BBQ Cook-Off Huge Success

It smelled so good. You lucked out if you missed the one day, once a year event that unfolded last Saturday. The Korean BBQ Cook-Off

Damn, it was nice.

Here are your winners of the best Korean Barbecue
Judge’s Selection: Park’s BBQ

Best Beef: Hansong

Best Pork: Olympic Restaurant

Best Fusion: Choonchun Dakgalbi

Chef Ludo’s Pick: Park’s BBQ

Jonathan Gold’s Pick: Ham Ji Park

Soju Mix-off winner: Joel Black. Cocktail name: “K-town Cobbler”

Soowon Galbi was quite nice.I liked  BCD Tofu House and don't know why some many people liked Park's BBQ.  I guess I should have tried Hansong, but no one was really interested, so I thought it was bad. Seoul Sausage Company was a huge hit. Everything was 5 bucks and a great way to sample future lunches in Korea Town.

Wow, talk about learning from one's mistakes. This year's Cook-Off was great and I'm not just talking about the food.

Everything that I complained about from last year's event was nearly in the dust. Plenty of parking, plenty of trash cans. Lines got long, and seating got a little sparse, but there was such a wide area this time to hang out. The location has expanded which was a good idea. Around the time I left lines were epically long and the crowd bloomed into the thousands.

The eating contest was once again Choco-pies and the winner  won iPad. It's quite fun to see total strangers stuff their faces with marshmallow chocolate moon-pie goodness. Those who stayed after were showered in a Orion Choco-pie barrage.

Great event and I hope it keeps growing.
Just fire the DJ and hire a sound technician because those speakers were screeching.

Catch it next year if you can.