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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chocolate Trouble Delicious Design



Brought down, by a bad anime filling.

      I bought Volume one of Trouble Chocolate the other day just for it's eye-catching design. The dvd looks like a open chocolate bar. It serves the purpose of reminding you of the show's title and it's bizarre too- much food eating protagonist. It looks good enough to eat.

The anime is bizarre, yet a clone of the same story scene a dozen times . A boy finds a cute girl with magical powers and she likes him for no good reason. Add wacky cast and you have the same bland anime seen a dozen time over. Visually the show isn't as nice or thoughtful as the DVD cover. 

Just look at the back the nutrition guide, its fairly clever

Trouble Chocolate's dvd cover design was clever, I just wish the anime could have been too. Or at least entertaining.