Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buy Thursday: Enjoy Your Massage!

They're are certain Wii games you have to buy, just because the concept is so ridiculous.  Enjoy Your Massage is one of those games. It  joins the ranks of Muscle March and Club Nintendo's exclusive Grill Off with Ultra Hand in strangeness and bizarre play mechanic.

I tried interviewing the creator of the game Giovanni through e-mail. He wrote back to me below.

Hi Jonathan,

I'm Giovanni Simotti, from Microforum Ltd.
I've seen your site, and found it interesting. At the moment I'm in Rome (Italy), and I'll stay here for the next weeks to come.If you can come here, I'll be more than happy yo let you preview and review "Enjoy your massage!" a few days before its 9th August release date.About the interview, we can do it here if you want, or, if you find it more convenient, we can do it by email.

Best regards,

But that Pokemon stealing bastard never got back to me! Also, kind of being a jerk sarcastically inviting me to Italy.

I can guess why he didn't answer though. These two questions I asked him to answer below are about the game how it's basically a ported porn cell phone game and that probably no real psychologists helped with the game.

Tiny Cartridge points out the MicroForum Ltd created another game for cell phones Emmanuelle Erotic Massages it seems "Enjoy Your Massage" is a port or newer model of that game. Is that true?

In a Press release from Microforum it says you with the cooperation with a team of psychologists worked on the game. With what psychologists and where are they based? Also what did they do?

Here's his real face. Yeah, he wears a turtle neck.

So anyway you are apprentice Masseur who must massage differently lovely ladies..Using both the Wii- mote and Nunchuck, the games becomes a advanced Simon Sez where players must remember patterns on different ladies back. If you mess up, the ladies will tell you. Succeed and become a Master Masseur. But, not a Pokemon Master through stealing other people's Pokemon.

This is a game to show off to friends and laugh.

Get it for 500 points