Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trivia Murder Party

Oh, please let it come out in time for our Halloween office party! Little is known about the new game from Jackbox Games, the makers of You Don't Know Jack, but they'll be showing it off on their Twitch channel tomorrow Aug 31 at noon PST.

New Comic Book Shop Downtown A Shop Called Quest

Downtown finally has a comic book shop to call its own, A Shop Called Quest opened up in the middle of August in the Arts District. The store features one of the nicest looking setups inside with a nice collection of indie and common titles. The store also features art prints and pins to snag to look good and make your place look good.

A Shop Called Quest
300 S Santa Fe Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Mon    10:00 am - 7:00 pm   
Tue      10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wed    10:00 am - 7:00 pm   
Thu      10:00 am - 7:00 pm   
Fri       10:00 am - 8:00 pm   
Sat       10:00 am - 8:00 pm   
Sun      10:00 am - 7:00 pm    

Pokémon GO Meet-Up & Tournament @ The Wiltern Sept 1

When not holding concerts it's holding poké-battles. This Thursday enjoy trying to control the gym for as long as you can! Those who register and win get a badge! There is a series of 8 planned battles and some will require the badges to qualify.

Pokémon GO Meet-Up & Tournament
Thu, Sep 1, 6:00pm - 10:00pm
The Wiltern
3790 Wilshire Blvd 
From their site:
Mystic, Valor and Instinct friends - come out and help lead your team to victory in The Elite 3 Gym Tournament!
THE MAIN EVENT: 1 hour timed gym battle. Whichever team holds the gym for the majority of the time OR gets the gym to Level 10 first is the winner. Every registered participant on the entire winning team will get an exclusive gym badge. This is the first in a series of 8 we will be offering the Region of Los Angeles. Sets of Badges will be required to qualify for some future tournaments. $10 pre-registration or $20 at the door if you want to participate and qualify for the prize. Pre-registration ends midnight the night before the event. Registration also includes cosplay contest entry.

COSPLAY CONTEST: Yes, we are holding a cosplay contest as well! Come out dressed as your favorite Pokémon characters and you could have a chance at the $100 grand prize. Winner is decided by the crowd so get out there and make yourself the crowd favorite!
Same deal - $10 pre-registration or $20 at the door if you want to participate and qualify for the prize. Pre-registration ends midnight the night before the event.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Rocketeer 25th Anniversary Midnight Screening

The Rocketeer 25th Anniversary Midnight Screening
Fri, Sep 9, 11:55pm
Vista Theatre
4473 Sunset Drive
Los Angeles, CA

"In September we will be screening the Disney live-action classic THE ROCKETEER! A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero fighting gangsters and Nazis! That amazing Billy Campbell hair, the dashing Timothy Dalton, the beautiful Jennifer Connelly, and the endearing Alan Arkin make this a gem you must see! Grab your Beemen's chewing gum and join us! Please spread the word and bring friends so we can continue to bring your favorite movies back to life the way they should be seen!"

Friday, August 26, 2016

Halloween 2016: Queen Mary’s Iron Master & Dia de los Muertos

Hello, boils and ghouls,

Couldn't help it. Last time we brought you the details on Horror Nights over at Universal, now it's time for Dark Harbor to shine or at least glow menacingly. It's starting up on the 29th of September, giving you a full month or at least 20 nights of horror.

We have The Iron Master, a new scary ghost with a back-story and his new maze The Intrepid.

From the press release:  The new maze transports guests aboard a steamin’ locomotive, back to the birthplace of the Golden Era of Travel –Scotland’s storied shipyard of Clydebank. Blazing down the Iron Master’s death-defying tracks, guests will bear witness on his cursed journey to save The R.M.S. Queen Mary from her predecessor’s Titanic peril. All who dare will swelter and drip with fear as they traverse and crawl to their final destination: Iron Hell. The Iron Master has crossed oceans of time to reclaim his beloved Queen Mary. How far will you go?

Joining the Intrepid maze will be Panic 4-D and Voodoo House Bar & Tasting Room, with more info coming for each later.

Returning from last year:
Mazes:Circus, Lullaby, Deadrise, Soulmate and B340. Joining them are the following attractions. Hex Paintball Gallery,  Sideshow, Neverland Ranch’s Sinister Swings, R.I.P. Lounge, Big Top Bar, demonic DJ’s and other main stage mayhem make for a freakishly good time.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
September 29 - October 31
Starting at $20, does not include parking 

If planning way in advance you can already get tickets for the

7th Annual Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever
Saturday Oct 29,
Doors: 12:00 PM (ends at 12:00 AM)
Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
Event Ends at Midnight Saturday Night / $20 tickets available at door 
This joyful celebration of our ancestors will feature:
  • Musical performances by grammy award winning artists.
  • 100+ Altars created by members of the community to their ancestors and loved ones
  • Hundreds of Aztec Ritual Dancers in full costume
  • An Art Exhibition in the Cathedral Mausoleum
  • A children’s arts project area
  • A Dance Plaza featuring historical and modern dance rituals
  • Arts and Crafts vendors
  • Food vendors from around Los Angeles

IndieCade Moves To USC This October

IndieCade makes the move this year to the USC campus, marking and end to multiple years of being hosted in downtown Culver City. The independent game festival has called the city home since 2009. The main reason, the empty lot where most of IndieCade is usually held will be breaking ground this October for a new modern shopping center. A recent FAQ was released explaining the move with details on the move.

The Cinematic Arts Complex on USC campus becomes the new home for independent gamers and developers. "..in the sound stages, gallery areas, lobbies, breezeways, patios, and the outdoor grassy area," the FAQ says.

“It is the quintessential indie thing to do  -  come and crash on our couch,  - we help one another out,” USC IMD Chair, Tracy Fullerton told IndieCade. IndieCade hasn't stated that the move is permanent and is in talks with the City of LA and Culver City, but for now, due to a good relationship with USC  this October they'll be allowed to crash at the school.

So forget the firehouse and the tents outside and be ready to enjoy a college campus. Luckily, the Rams or the Trojans aren't schedule to play the weekend of IndieCade.

IndieCade 2016 is happening
October 14-16, 2016
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
Get early bird tickets still for a better price
Parking will probably be $14 to $20, get ticks

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Knott's Berry Farm Hosts Second Annual Coaster Campout

Saturday, August 27, 2016 and Sunday, August 28, 2016
7pm-8:30pm: Campsite Setup at Park Pavilion
10:15-10:45pm: S’more’s and Campsite Entertainment
Sunday - 7:30am: Wake-up Call from Snoopy
Knott’s Berry Farm, Park Pavilion Picnic Center, 8039 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620

Knott’s Berry Farm is excited to announce the second annual Coaster Campout night in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Coaster Campout is an opportunity for guests to camp out for one night at Knott’s Berry Farm in the Park Pavilion Picnic Center while supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 100 percent of the proceeds will be given to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America organization. The donation includes admission to both Knott’s Berry Farm and Soak City Water Park for August 27th and 28th,  a wake-up call from Snoopy, early ride time in Camp Snoopy and Fiesta Village on August 28th, complimentary parking for both days and a continental breakfast on Sunday morning.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The King of Fighters XIV Review Everything Good About Playing A Japanese Fighter

When the narrator, of which there are two, one for me and one for you, says, "G-d-like," after a battle you have a Japanese fighter at its best. A ridiculous fighter with a huge roster all willing to battle it out for no good reason. Yes, there's a story mode; who the Hell cares? This is a game to either master or just take out and show to your friends and say Japan is still crazy.

Giving a pop idol electric powers crazy, check. The rack on Mai has a never-ending Gainax bounce, check. King of Dinosaurs, check. This game checks...out that rack on her. Woah, it's Japan at it's best. Children aren't children so it's okay that they're fighting to the death. They're robots and cyborgs and ninjas and all of them can be on your three person team as narrator's end your fights with saying bizarre statements.

Do I wish the statements  were more bizarre like, "Where's my lunch, someone has stolen it," yes.

In the newest game in the franchise you'll have fifty, count'em, fifty characters to play with and horrendously end long time friend-ships with.

They all have special moves and different ways of fighting. From the long legs of Zarina, from team South America, this beauty dances here way into the fight. If you haven't guessed Zarina and I will be wed...if only in my fantasies. As we study her and uh, the other caharcters we see that each character has their own style to kick-but. Her dancing fight style has her high-kicking to win!

For the technical side of the game you can now do up to three supers and they ain't easy to pull off. So super moves are in their for those willing to really master the game.

For the more casual player the game serves it's purpose of being a visual masterpiece of nonsense on screen with these characters performing strange moves and spouting nonsense as they fight.

The story mode is a thin few movies that will get some laughs at how funny it is, you'll unlock your final two characters if you get through the whole thing.

Backgrounds are good for some laughs. Navajoland looks to be the American midwest with hillbilly gawkers at a truck stop. There's more than expected backgrounds when fighters give you only so many arenas.

The King of Fighters XIV adds to the series of being another sight for the eyes of Japanese bizarre bewilderment. This needs to be at your home so your friends and you can stare out into it and find why Japan is Japan, it's nuts.

The King of Fighters XIV
Out Now On PS4

Reviewer was provided game by publisher for review purposes.

Loris Gréaud Sculpt Review It's No Del Toro Exhibit

Like sort of playing a Virtual Boy Game, but having no control over it comes Loris Gréaud's Sculpt. An all in red, by yourself, movie experience. Like looking into a stream of thought, it was hard to not want a horror movie to be shown to me in a theater all alone.

When I went last Friday evening for the last showing, 29 in all during a week, I was surprised at the amount of activity at LACMA. Families and foreigner visitors couldn't wait to see museum, some came purposefully just for the exhibit on men's clothing that I kind of chuckle at. I grabbed my ticket from the box office, you order them online, then pick them up when you arrive and for free.

You enter the Bing Theater. There's a seat waiting for you and one light beaming red nearly blinds you.

It's like the start of a dream, a nightmare maybe. From what I saw online I thought I would see a kind of art-house horror movie with the original Spider-Man's Green Goblin,Willem Dafoe in a starring role.

What was presented was a jumbled mess of ideas, a free-throwing stream of thought that was so filled with messages it was hard to comprehend what they were or to even really care what was going on. Dafoe is possibly an old man or reading a old man's book about his own existence or something?

All the while women are being sensually tortured around him with rope. It's got some strange Japanese bondage exploration to it that might be trying to say were trapped in thought or something?

Overall it's images pouring on images with a story of a man alone in the woods that's hard to follow.

This is hours before seeing a video game film completely in CGI, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, both terrible films from a film critic's point. It was obvious that neither had a director who understood the basics of film and setting up shots. So it was more like someone had a basic knowledge of how a camera worked and shot sometimes nice panoramic shots.

Seeing in only through a red lens can be annoying, that's why I bring up the Virtual Boy, A 3D video game console, which caused headaches  and only showed one color, red. I never experienced a headache, but at fifty minutes long the thrill did void from me.

The film somewhat reminded me of, the 2009 film, Enter the Void. In the film a drug dealer dies and leaves his body, the film is in no way shot as well or has a linear story like Enter the Void, but the same sort of oddness to it. The oddness of giving yourself over to something else.

I can't say I recommend the experience or gained anything from it and much rather recommend LACMA's recently opened Del Toro exhibit.

If you would however would like to try Sculpt for yourself:

Loris Gréaud Sculpt
Now until undetermined
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm, and 4 pm
Friday: 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm, 4 pm, and 5:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, 5 pm, and 6:30 pm
Bing Theater, LACMA

Weekly What To Do: Create South Park Moments & More

So bad it's good film pick of the week
Starts Aug 26
CGV Cinemas Koreatown

Koreans are up there with the Japanese on crazy concept films that are still somehow tropes. Now watch a man get stuck in a tunnel to rock music.

South Park 20 Experience
August 24 to September 25, 2016, in Los Angeles
Wednesdays to Sundays 12:00 to 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles
465 N. Beverly Drive, at S. Santa Monica Blvd.


Comedy Central is bringing the South Park 20 Experience to the Paley Center! This life-size 2-D/3-D experience features twenty memorable moments from South Park’s history and allows fans to explore and insert themselves into the iconic moments for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op!

Comedy Comedy Festival
August 25 – 28
Aratani Theatre and JACCC campus in Little Tokyo

The event brings together the best of young, Asian-American comedic talent from Hollywood, digital media, and live performance. The four-day festival encompasses 13 events that include stand up, sketch and improvised comedy, storytelling, musical comedy, readings and industry panels.

Round Up at L.A. LIVE with Go Country  
Fri, Aug. 26 - 6:00 PM / Door Time: 6:00PM 
Microsoft Square 

Round Up at L.A. LIVE with Go Country is the ultimate country street party. Grab your cowboy boots, hats and come party with us and discover all the surprises at the event. All the activities are free and open to the public. People will have the opportunity to enjoy several free activities including mechanical bull riding, cornhole, live musical performances, line dancing, country themed vendors, rodeo ropers and more.

Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo
Friday, August 26, 7 to 11 pm
LA Zoo
$25 per person 


The high-energy antics of headliners Black Crystal Wolf Kids will have you singing along to the best indie tracks ever, from the likes of Hozier, The Black Keys, Pavement, and The Pixies. FifthLaw—with its electronica, folk, and punk influences—and the blues-fueled Well Hung Heart round out the band line-up, while DJ Steve Prior spins power sets all night long.

20th Season Launch Party Extravaganza
Friday, August 26, 8pm-2am
Sacred Fools Theater Company
1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, California 90038
Advance Tickets (Online Only): $10 through Thursday, 8/25 *
$15 at the door

Join us for a massive celebration! There will be live music! There will be games! There will be a raffle and a silent auction! There will be delicious food to eat and drinks to indulge in! Every theater will be full of PARTY. Come play! Rediscover Sacred Fools in our new home for the launch of our 20th season. Rediscover party time at Sacred Fools.

Friday, August 26, 7pm-9pm
GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025
Comedy hits the Streets of Sawtelle. Yes parking is always tough, but that's the price you pay for free comedy. Hosted by zinester / music man turned comedian, George Chen, the event will be the first of a series.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 26, 7pm-10pm
Gallery 1988: LA
7021 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90038
It's the sequel to my last show at 1988 with ALL NEW pop culture kawaii explosions! New prints, pins and much more, PLUS sweet cold snacks from the The Fluff Ice Truck, Cafe Dulce, and LaCroix Water!

Ten Years Of Amazing Artists: Corey Helford Gallery And Friends Celebrate!
10th Anniversary Gala Exhibition 
Opening Reception:Saturday, August 27th from 7-11pm
Corey Helford Gallery at 571 S. Anderson St 
(Enter on Willow St) / Los Angeles, CA 90033 / Click here for map

Displaying new works from over 100 of the finest American and International artists.
All new works, created specifically for this gala exhibition. Paintings and sculptural works by artists like Marion Peck, Mary Jane Ansell, Chloe Early, Haroshi, Shag (Josh Agle), D*Face, Kinsey, Natalia Fabia, Okuda, Eric Joyner, Olivia (De Berardinis), Ray Caesar, Kazuki Takamatsu, Sage Vaughn, Nicole Gordon, Sarah Emerson, Kukula, Sylvia Ji, Herakut and many more.

Art + Technology Lab: Hereafter Institute Consultation
Aug 27-28
Free, Must RSVP

Participate in an Art + Technology Lab artist project! 2015 Lab grant recipient Gabriel Barcia-Colombo has launched the Hereafter Institute, where participants will have the opportunity to plan their digital afterlife and learn about the artist’s proposed technological solutions for the preservation of the digital soul.
In a private consultation, the artist and his team will introduce options for digital preservation including 3D body scanning, wearable memorialization, and the embedding of personal data into everyday objects.
The Hereafter Institute is the culmination of Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s work as a 2015 LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipient.

Cinespia Poltergeist
Saturday Aug 27, 2016
Doors: 7:15 PM
Show: 9:00 PM
Cinespia Presents at Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
A scary movie in a graveyard.
Sat Aug 27-28 
Exposition Park
$tarts at $199

FYF Fest returns with tons of musical acts out to get lost in.

Tues, Aug 30
Multiple Theaters 

Fathom Events and Specticast are excited to bring a sneak peak of Kevin Smith’s latest horror comedy Yoga Hosers. 15-year-olds Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie are on their smartphones constantly, sing in a small band, and take yoga classes. The girls will do just about anything to receive an invitation to a senior party. But when they discover the leader of a Nazi splinter group has been raising an army of monsters beneath the store where they work, the teens team up with a legendary man-hunter to stop the world-threatening uprising.