Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weekly What To Do: Happy Thanksgiving Y'All

Might be time talk to the family or...get your Netflix account back. This week has little on its plate as Thanksgiving takes over the town, decimating it with relatives and people seeing all our sights. It'll be busy outside and over the weekend, with no specific events happening. All of LA's iconic locations will most likely see big numbers, so enjoy your long trips nad long drives. Bring headphones.

In any case, have a Happy Thanksgiving from TTDILA! We'll have a review of Season of the Force over at Disneyland, some Dcon details and photos from the LA Auto Show coming up on or after turkey day.

The Downtown Independent
251 S Main St, Los Angeles, California 90012
Free for 8 player brawl Open play, 5$ entry for tournament
Play Smash on the big screen.

Turkey Trot Los Angeles 5K and 10K
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Thursday, Nov. 26
City Hall
200 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
$25-$70 to participate

Thousands of runners will be dressed in costumes of turkeys, pilgrims and pies will follow a scenic course through Bunker Hill and Spring St. passing by such sites as the new Broad Museum, Grand Park, Walt Disney Concert Hall and MOCA.

L.A. Zoo Lights
Friday, November 27, through Sunday, January 3,
(except December 24 and 25)
6 to 10 pm Mondays-Thursdays
6 to 11 pm Fridays-Sundays and Dec 21, 22 and 23
Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens

$13 for adults/seniors and $11 for children ages 2 to 12 on Mondays through Thursdays (except on December 21, 22 and 23 when tickets are the same as weekend prices), and $16 for adults/seniors and $14 for children ages 2 to 12 tickets on Fridays through Sundays

With awe-inspiring features providing a brand-new spin on holiday lights in Griffith Park, L.A. ZOO LIGHTS sets the Zoo's enchanting environment aglow with breathtaking displays, among them thousands upon thousands of LED lights, flurries of illuminated snowflakes, stunning 3-D animated projections and glittering light tunnels.

Reindeer Romp
November 27 (Friday) – January 3 (Sunday)*
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
$ Zoo Admission

This year, Reindeer Village will be decked out like a winter wonderland to help our real reindeer guests feel right at home for the holidays.

Saturday, Nov 28, 11:00am - 6:00pm
Eagle Rock

A small festival celebrating small businesses in Eagle Rock.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Star Wars Stuff: Lightsaber Battle LA & Star Wars Tribute Exhibition to the Classics

We already had the Force Awakens x Gallery 1998 art show and Season of the Force
starting at Disneyland. So many Star Wars events will be happening in our fair city that it was decided to just give it its own recurring column for the time being. Thus we start Star Wars Stuff section with all events relating to Star Wars in one area of the site.

What looks like a night of insane fun is

Friday, December 18
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Pershing Square
Free-$10 a lightsaber
From Newmindspace and Lightsaber Academy comes Lightsaber Battle LA 2015. Coinciding with the release of the film the event ask you to join the dark side or the light side of the force with a massive duel taking place in Pershing Square at night. The event hopes that the Jedi and Sith come out in the thousands.

Don't worry if you don't already own a lightsaber, they're selling their brand for $10 that can be picked up at a nearby gallery before the battle begins. Yes, you get to keep it and the lightsabers can change to six different colors. 

Star Wars Tribute Exhibition to the Classics
December 12, 2015 - January 10, 2016
Dec 12, 7:00PM - 11:00PM
Nucleus Gallery

Nucleus wasn't going to let the new Star Wars film cone out with out paying tribute. It's got a long list of its artists hard at work making special pieces for the tribute show. Raffles, and I'm sure more will be planned for later for the opening night activities.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Downton Abbey Season 6 Special Advance Screening Dec 13

Downton Abbey Season 6 Special Advance Screening
6PM - Sun Dec 13, 2015
$12 - The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles
Doors at 5pm and Screening at 6pm.

Will Carson and Mrs. Hughes make it down the aisle? Will Branson find happiness in America? Will Mary snap up the affections of the "snappy chariot" driver? If you can't wait to find out, then by all means, you must attend this special sneak preview of the Season Six opener of Downton Abbey.
Tickets on sale Monday, Nov. 23 at 10am.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Super Mario World 25th Anniversary

Scott Balmer 25th Anniversary Tribute Art
Super Mario World came out in Japan twenty-five years ago today on November 21, 1990. It would take the US a year to get the game on November 21, 1990. At TTDILA we wanted to celebrate the game anniversary as it means so much to me, the editor, as it's my favorite game. Not my favorite game in the series, my favorite game of all time.

The mustachioed brother plumbers of Mario and Luigi first foray on the SNES to rescue Princes Toadstool, not Princess Peach, was ground-breaking at the time and remains today as one, if not the best, best in our books, platformers.

The animation, the look, the backgrounds, the music they all meld into one of the best game experiences of all time. It wrote the book on secrets, just venture to the Donut Plains and you would have the Top Secret Area to get all your power-ups. What about Star Road, off the map? Or how about if you beat Star Road and saw Mario's mug on all the Koopas as now Mask Koopas? What about a green dinosaur compadre?

The game introduced one of the favorite characters of the series, Yoshi! Yes, Yoshi, the green dinosaur you could ride and that would eat most any enemy. In this game he started out green. Later incarnations of Yoshis came in different colors. Blue Yoshi would gain wings and be able to fly once you ate a Koopa shell. Yellow Yoshi would kick up sand when it landed killing nearby enemies. It made the saying, "Eat my dust, " stick. Red Yoshi, any shell he eats and throws up will be turned into fireballs.

Yoshi was a companion, a power-up that made you feel even more powerful. You had a dinosaur to ride, something Miyamato, creator of Mario, wanted since the start of the series. The sound he makes when he gulps down some enemy or eats some fruit by sticking out his big red tongue, just too funny.

Mario himself became like Superman or at least took on the title of every game going on the Super NES with the feather power-up. He became Cape Mario, able to fly across levels and hit the ground knocking enemies over. This new ability was eye-catching and would cause almost any enemy die when he twirled his cape killing them. Mario, even with out the cape, could also twirl on top of enemies to kill them or not be kill by certain sharp dangers. Fire Flowers gave him the ability to shoot fireballs out of his hands killing enemies from a distance.

He could do all this while transversing levels in the air, in the mountains, underwater, in caves and castles and even haunted houses. There were so many different areas to explore with levels taking you to new corners of Dinosaur Land with new platforming feats to master.

Not set in the Mushroom Kingdom, the game takes place in Dinosaur Land. Though named that some of the areas in it were named after sweets and snacks, nothing was really named after dinosaurs.
Ye Old Mario World by Glen Brogan

  • World 1- Yoshi's Island
  • World 2- Donut Land
  • World 3- Vanilla Dome
  • World 4- Twin Bridges
  • World 5- Forest of Illusion
  • World 6- Chocolate Island
  • World 7- Valley of Bowser

An over-world map would change its topography as you unlocked levels. Every step of the way you could see the world expand.

The simple plot has you saving this new land-you were vising on vacation - from Bowser, which the cartoon series makes me think of as King Koopa. He of course took Princess Toadstool who you and your brother have to rescue. In the new land there were some major redesigns of classic characters and new ones created. The way Goombas look, they just look like a new species compared to the other games in the series. We were introduced to Banzai Bills,Wigglers, Swoopers, Monty Moles and the fierce Magikoopas.

Added to the game was defeating bosses on each world, Bower's awful kids, the Koopalings.

World 1 Boss:             Iggy Koopa
World 2 Boss:             Morton Koopa Jr.
World 3 Boss:             Lemmy Koopa
World 4 Boss:             Ludwig Von Koopa
World 5 Boss:             Roy Koopa
World 6 Boss:             Wendy O. Koopa
World 7 Boss:             Larry Koopa and Bowser

Each of these tikes had a different way they needed to be taken out. Then Bowser/King Koopa was the hardest of all to figure out. In his mighty Clown Car, which is in fact a flying clown-faced vehicle, he would throw Mecha-Koopas at you. You would need to jump on them throw them back up at him. Not easy to figure out. His appearance in the game might be the only draw, his design is way off-model comapred to other games in the series.

When I think of how funny as smashed in Rex looks after being jumped on and still coming after you or just the cartoon feel of the levels with it's chip-tune's almost too much. I have to start talking about the game or maybe turn on the Wii U to play it.

The influence and popularity created a follow-up cartoon series, Super Mario World. It could not compare to it's predecessor, "The Super Mario Bros Super Show!, " which had a live action segment action with Lou Albano, who in real-life was a WWF Wrestler, he played  Mario. Luigi was played by Danny Wells and guest stars and problems would happen every episode for the two Brooklyn plumbers. By Super Mario World era of the cartoon it had lost the live action segments. Yet, the memory of the live action segments remains strong in memories of fans. So much so that this fan made a tribute video based on the old opening of the series and probably would have not done so if not for Super Mario World.

The cartoon, Super Mario World, is in no way a great cartoon series, the animation is inconsistent and the plots are complete nonsense. Whatever time the animators or staff had learning about the game prior to its release to the US may have been wasted as they made severe changes including making Dinosaur Land, where Super Mario World takes place, inhabited by cavemen. The cartoon does use many of the sound effects-ad nauseam- and places from the game. It lasted a mere twelve episodes compared to the sixty-five episode series before it.

Other fans have payed tribute, such as artists Scott Balmer and Arkotype. While certain groups like Game Paused, pay tribute to Mario overall with an upcoming book Game Icons: Mario. Here's some of the piece from artists from around the world for the upcoming title.

Today Super Mario World lives on in Super Mario Maker. The style of the game is its own mode. Fans of the game are delighted to create new levels using the same art and characters or just to play with it to better see how the whole game works. The game is also available on the Wii U right now, as of writing this, for only $7.99.

In closing, Super Mario World was the pinnacle platformer and remains as the one game you could easily pick up and play today as you could twenty-five years ago and still be entertained.

Thank You


Takashi Tezuka          Shigeru Miyamoto
Game Director           Creator of Mario Bros and Game Producer

Koji Kondo                Shigefumi Hino
Music                         Graphic Designer

American Box art

Japanese Box Art

TTDILA COMICS #62 - Super Merio World

by ARG 

Super Merio world.
fun game.
fun times.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Jessica Jones or Ms. Whiskey Is A Joke

I knew going into the show that it would be stupid, it surpassed my expectations sadly with the worst female super hero to grace the Marvel Universe. The drinking, working off the toilet-funny enough, another Netflix original first episode started with someone working on the toilet, W/Bob and David-the sex. Oh, it's everything wrong with current television trying to get our attention. And less, so much less. Why even add those lesbians, because we need to see sex happening, that's why.

Jessica Jones is a private investigator and the show needs to force feed you how bad her job is with a f*ck scene as the opening as Ms. Jones takes pictures and tries for the worst noir-style narrating she can muster. We follow her as she does her job poorly and constantly drinks, spies on people and has sex with some guy she's been spying fist (it's Luke Cage, Marvel fans.)

I'm downright offended by the lack of actual physical violence, Ms. Jones couldn't kick anyone's ass, but her first client's?

The only redeeming factor is David Tentant being creepy and a real villain you love to hate as the Purple Man. He's got mind controlling powers and he uses them for all the wrong reasons. We never even see his face in the first episode, yet he scares us with what horrors are about to come. He comes into Jessica's life secretly and screw up and innocent family just to get to her.

Whatever this show is, it's crap.

Catch it on Netflix or better yet watch Daredevil.