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The King of Fighters XIV Review Everything Good About Playing A Japanese Fighter

When the narrator, of which there are two, one for me and one for you, says, "G-d-like," after a battle you have a Japanese fighter at its best. A ridiculous fighter with a huge roster all willing to battle it out for no good reason. Yes, there's a story mode; who the Hell cares? This is a game to either master or just take out and show to your friends and say Japan is still crazy.

Giving a pop idol electric powers crazy, check. The rack on Mai has a never-ending Gainax bounce, check. King of Dinosaurs, check. This game checks...out that rack on her. Woah, it's Japan at it's best. Children aren't children so it's okay that they're fighting to the death. They're robots and cyborgs and ninjas and all of them can be on your three person team as narrator's end your fights with saying bizarre statements.

Do I wish the statements  were more bizarre like, "Where's my lunch, someone has stolen it," yes.

In the newest game in the franchise you'll have fifty, count'em, fifty characters to play with and horrendously end long time friend-ships with.

They all have special moves and different ways of fighting. From the long legs of Zarina, from team South America, this beauty dances here way into the fight. If you haven't guessed Zarina and I will be wed...if only in my fantasies. As we study her and uh, the other caharcters we see that each character has their own style to kick-but. Her dancing fight style has her high-kicking to win!

For the technical side of the game you can now do up to three supers and they ain't easy to pull off. So super moves are in their for those willing to really master the game.

For the more casual player the game serves it's purpose of being a visual masterpiece of nonsense on screen with these characters performing strange moves and spouting nonsense as they fight.

The story mode is a thin few movies that will get some laughs at how funny it is, you'll unlock your final two characters if you get through the whole thing.

Backgrounds are good for some laughs. Navajoland looks to be the American midwest with hillbilly gawkers at a truck stop. There's more than expected backgrounds when fighters give you only so many arenas.

The King of Fighters XIV adds to the series of being another sight for the eyes of Japanese bizarre bewilderment. This needs to be at your home so your friends and you can stare out into it and find why Japan is Japan, it's nuts.

The King of Fighters XIV
Out Now On PS4

Reviewer was provided game by publisher for review purposes.

Loris Gréaud Sculpt Review It's No Del Toro Exhibit

Like sort of playing a Virtual Boy Game, but having no control over it comes Loris Gréaud's Sculpt. An all in red, by yourself, movie experience. Like looking into a stream of thought, it was hard to not want a horror movie to be shown to me in a theater all alone.

When I went last Friday evening for the last showing, 29 in all during a week, I was surprised at the amount of activity at LACMA. Families and foreigner visitors couldn't wait to see museum, some came purposefully just for the exhibit on men's clothing that I kind of chuckle at. I grabbed my ticket from the box office, you order them online, then pick them up when you arrive and for free.

You enter the Bing Theater. There's a seat waiting for you and one light beaming red nearly blinds you.

It's like the start of a dream, a nightmare maybe. From what I saw online I thought I would see a kind of art-house horror movie with the original Spider-Man's Green Goblin,Willem Dafoe in a starring role.

What was presented was a jumbled mess of ideas, a free-throwing stream of thought that was so filled with messages it was hard to comprehend what they were or to even really care what was going on. Dafoe is possibly an old man or reading a old man's book about his own existence or something?

All the while women are being sensually tortured around him with rope. It's got some strange Japanese bondage exploration to it that might be trying to say were trapped in thought or something?

Overall it's images pouring on images with a story of a man alone in the woods that's hard to follow.

This is hours before seeing a video game film completely in CGI, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, both terrible films from a film critic's point. It was obvious that neither had a director who understood the basics of film and setting up shots. So it was more like someone had a basic knowledge of how a camera worked and shot sometimes nice panoramic shots.

Seeing in only through a red lens can be annoying, that's why I bring up the Virtual Boy, A 3D video game console, which caused headaches  and only showed one color, red. I never experienced a headache, but at fifty minutes long the thrill did void from me.

The film somewhat reminded me of, the 2009 film, Enter the Void. In the film a drug dealer dies and leaves his body, the film is in no way shot as well or has a linear story like Enter the Void, but the same sort of oddness to it. The oddness of giving yourself over to something else.

I can't say I recommend the experience or gained anything from it and much rather recommend LACMA's recently opened Del Toro exhibit.

If you would however would like to try Sculpt for yourself:

Loris Gréaud Sculpt
Now until undetermined
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm, and 4 pm
Friday: 11:30 am, 1 pm, 2:30 pm, 4 pm, and 5:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am, 12:30 pm, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, 5 pm, and 6:30 pm
Bing Theater, LACMA

Weekly What To Do: Create South Park Moments & More

So bad it's good film pick of the week
Starts Aug 26
CGV Cinemas Koreatown

Koreans are up there with the Japanese on crazy concept films that are still somehow tropes. Now watch a man get stuck in a tunnel to rock music.

South Park 20 Experience
August 24 to September 25, 2016, in Los Angeles
Wednesdays to Sundays 12:00 to 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles
465 N. Beverly Drive, at S. Santa Monica Blvd.


Comedy Central is bringing the South Park 20 Experience to the Paley Center! This life-size 2-D/3-D experience features twenty memorable moments from South Park’s history and allows fans to explore and insert themselves into the iconic moments for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op!

Comedy Comedy Festival
August 25 – 28
Aratani Theatre and JACCC campus in Little Tokyo

The event brings together the best of young, Asian-American comedic talent from Hollywood, digital media, and live performance. The four-day festival encompasses 13 events that include stand up, sketch and improvised comedy, storytelling, musical comedy, readings and industry panels.

Round Up at L.A. LIVE with Go Country  
Fri, Aug. 26 - 6:00 PM / Door Time: 6:00PM 
Microsoft Square 

Round Up at L.A. LIVE with Go Country is the ultimate country street party. Grab your cowboy boots, hats and come party with us and discover all the surprises at the event. All the activities are free and open to the public. People will have the opportunity to enjoy several free activities including mechanical bull riding, cornhole, live musical performances, line dancing, country themed vendors, rodeo ropers and more.

Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo
Friday, August 26, 7 to 11 pm
LA Zoo
$25 per person 


The high-energy antics of headliners Black Crystal Wolf Kids will have you singing along to the best indie tracks ever, from the likes of Hozier, The Black Keys, Pavement, and The Pixies. FifthLaw—with its electronica, folk, and punk influences—and the blues-fueled Well Hung Heart round out the band line-up, while DJ Steve Prior spins power sets all night long.

20th Season Launch Party Extravaganza
Friday, August 26, 8pm-2am
Sacred Fools Theater Company
1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, California 90038
Advance Tickets (Online Only): $10 through Thursday, 8/25 *
$15 at the door

Join us for a massive celebration! There will be live music! There will be games! There will be a raffle and a silent auction! There will be delicious food to eat and drinks to indulge in! Every theater will be full of PARTY. Come play! Rediscover Sacred Fools in our new home for the launch of our 20th season. Rediscover party time at Sacred Fools.

Friday, August 26, 7pm-9pm
GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025
Comedy hits the Streets of Sawtelle. Yes parking is always tough, but that's the price you pay for free comedy. Hosted by zinester / music man turned comedian, George Chen, the event will be the first of a series.

Opening Reception: Friday, August 26, 7pm-10pm
Gallery 1988: LA
7021 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90038
It's the sequel to my last show at 1988 with ALL NEW pop culture kawaii explosions! New prints, pins and much more, PLUS sweet cold snacks from the The Fluff Ice Truck, Cafe Dulce, and LaCroix Water!

Ten Years Of Amazing Artists: Corey Helford Gallery And Friends Celebrate!
10th Anniversary Gala Exhibition 
Opening Reception:Saturday, August 27th from 7-11pm
Corey Helford Gallery at 571 S. Anderson St 
(Enter on Willow St) / Los Angeles, CA 90033 / Click here for map

Displaying new works from over 100 of the finest American and International artists.
All new works, created specifically for this gala exhibition. Paintings and sculptural works by artists like Marion Peck, Mary Jane Ansell, Chloe Early, Haroshi, Shag (Josh Agle), D*Face, Kinsey, Natalia Fabia, Okuda, Eric Joyner, Olivia (De Berardinis), Ray Caesar, Kazuki Takamatsu, Sage Vaughn, Nicole Gordon, Sarah Emerson, Kukula, Sylvia Ji, Herakut and many more.

Art + Technology Lab: Hereafter Institute Consultation
Aug 27-28
Free, Must RSVP

Participate in an Art + Technology Lab artist project! 2015 Lab grant recipient Gabriel Barcia-Colombo has launched the Hereafter Institute, where participants will have the opportunity to plan their digital afterlife and learn about the artist’s proposed technological solutions for the preservation of the digital soul.
In a private consultation, the artist and his team will introduce options for digital preservation including 3D body scanning, wearable memorialization, and the embedding of personal data into everyday objects.
The Hereafter Institute is the culmination of Gabriel Barcia-Colombo’s work as a 2015 LACMA Art + Technology Lab grant recipient.

Cinespia Poltergeist
Saturday Aug 27, 2016
Doors: 7:15 PM
Show: 9:00 PM
Cinespia Presents at Hollywood Forever
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
A scary movie in a graveyard.
Sat Aug 27-28 
Exposition Park
$tarts at $199

FYF Fest returns with tons of musical acts out to get lost in.

Tues, Aug 30
Multiple Theaters 

Fathom Events and Specticast are excited to bring a sneak peak of Kevin Smith’s latest horror comedy Yoga Hosers. 15-year-olds Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie are on their smartphones constantly, sing in a small band, and take yoga classes. The girls will do just about anything to receive an invitation to a senior party. But when they discover the leader of a Nazi splinter group has been raising an army of monsters beneath the store where they work, the teens team up with a legendary man-hunter to stop the world-threatening uprising.

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Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Review: Sighing, Me Constanlty Sighing


Yesterday, I went to the sold out showing of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater to a sold out crowd of Final Fantasy fans. A line out the door; hard to find seats for four, a brotherhood of friends. In the lobby, local independent video game store World 8 was showcasing Final Fantasy games and goods.

Soon, after the lights flickered and a trailer for a documentary on Spock played...something happened.


Sigh, ten to fifteen minutes in I ask my bro in brotherhood, "Are we still in the opening?," and as I said those words the title of the movie came on screen as a joke to me on how dumb the film is.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Sigh again, where do you start with a mess like this about two kingdoms at war that you couldn't care less about.

Maybe the opening battle that sets up the constant nagging of not understanding of what's going on. I want to get into the racism and immigration messages put into the film featuring a primarily all white cast right away because of how badly the Japanese force feed it in there. Oh, or the use of drugs. The terrible acting, the writing that made the crowd laugh when it was suppose to be an emotional moment. Or how bad the guards were in the movie or just everyone. Everyone in the kingdom of Lucis did a bad job, much like everyone who worked on the film.


Sigh, the film starts off with both a flashback of King Regis leaving Princess Lunafreya behind to the empire of Niflheim. Confused, well to bad. He leaves the Princess to the empire.

Going on in the present the Kingsglaive, King Regis' personal army imbued with his powers are fighting a bunch of monsters and sh*t while mages are summoning a cloud of fire. That's when enemy forces send in a giant demon that shoot outs missiles everywhere. Dudes are throwing swords and being transported to where they throw their swords while fighting all kinds of monsters.

This scene should be cool. It's not though, because the director obviously has never directed a film before. Checking IMDB, he directed Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children back in 2005. So yeah, he hasn't directed anything.

Fight shots are so close and tight it's like viewing something on a small screen of your phone even when it's on the screen of a theater. You could barely see or make out what's happening in this fight.

This continues in every fight in the film. A complete sense of miscommunication with your eyes to your brain as to what's going on. Frustration overwhelms you, it's like missing every good scene as it's in front of you.

Lo and behold it's our main hero, the dude from Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul. I mean Nyx Ulric an outlander of sorts. Oh no, he's friend Libertus is under a big rock. Oh no, oh he saved him against orders because he's a hero!

Great writing, Takashi Hasegawa. I mean not really and I hate you and I marvel at how much of it was trying to be an action thriller based on American movies.

It's the trope of Japanese movies of just being bad again. And for many reasons this one was just trying way too hard, way, way too hard.

People casually don't care about insane levels of danger and death around them or just act stupid.

It's hard to not get sidetracked as I've told you so little of the plot so far in writing this review, it's just that bad.

Nyx saves his friend, then we sit down with his Kingsglaive crew who talk about racism and immigration policy in the wake of everything going on in the world. Japan can shut up on these issues because like the rest of us they have not mastered them at all. If it was on trying to care for so many old people as it's population gets ever smaller, then yeah, but here we get struck in the face with some dumb, dumb, dumb ideas.

The whitest people with cool haircuts I've ever seen were complaining about racism and immigration because they weren't born in the main city, but in the outer villages around it. I sighed deeply as the only racism I saw toward them on this was one guard saying to Nyx, you suck, cause you're a foreigner. That guard even redeems himself later and helps Nyx out. It's just hilarious to see Final Fantasy trying to tackle racism and immigration policy which it can in no way do on a level that isn't just a farce.

Then come the drugs, Libertus is taking some pills. He's also in a cast with a broken leg...but, those are the bad drugs, the movie tries to just jut in there. Just tries to smoosh in there, though we see absolutely no negative affects on him and one could say is taking to compensate for the pain of having a giant rock fall on him.

The Kingsglaive is rewarded by King Regis by having all their villages taken in by the empire in a peace treaty so the capitol city of Insomnia can stay free. King Regis is a terrible king. He just doesn't do a very good job on so many levels.

Oh, Square knows how to make annoying characters and the chancellor of Niflheim, Ardyn Izunia, is dressed like a drunken hobo with one wing glued to his arm. His look sets him up to be the most repeated bad guy in anime and the words that flow from his mouth, each a double entendre, make you want to sock him and get out hair clippers.

Ardyn shows up with the Kingdom of Niflheim to both present the treaty at first and as part of the diplomatic envoy, which all goes to crap. Yeah, it's a ruse, a ruse you saw coming a mile away.

The CGI crowds who raise their hands up in joy of the peace treaty celebration look straight out of early CG movies...on console. I don't even want to let go how odd the crowds looked in this. Who just raises their hands at celebrations? Do we not have enough celebrations or is just some odd thing that got stuck in Square's head? I distinctively remember seeing people oddly celebrate in Square games over the years. There would be less reason to celebrate in the city of Insomnia soon.

Then she arrived in the story, dressed in white, the cold unfeeling witch that is Lunafreya. Give her the worst character award. Who is to blame when three people are credited on the work of a character for CGI films. The voice actress, 3D-modeler or motion capture actress? Take your pick, because even with the slight premise  that she doesn't care about dying, she should be screaming like crazy every time something insane is trying to kill her or have some sort of fear in her, but no.

She's so cold, her face looks down on the polygon count and just her overall demeanor makes her unlikable. This is the princess, the princess, the major focus of the film. Her motion captured reactions are that of a forty-year old man, out of shape and frail. Her emotions are that of trained assassin, to old to be on the job and to stupid to give off the work for the pay. You just want her to leave the film as soon as possible. Now, sigh, it's a rescue mission for her and you can't shed tears enough for how annoying she is.

The third act is all about what many hate in games, an escort mission, that and a giant battle between living statues an demon monsters taller than most buildings.

To get to the end battle/escort mission we first have to deal with the giant Cthulu octopus on the transport ship with the Princess. The Princess was moved out of the city onto one of warships of the empire so the kingdom would be unprotected as the kingsglaive, the only army the kingdom, would leave it defenseless.

Before this happens Nyx has to warn the king about the attack and comes the fun of the worst guards in movie history. We see scenes where guards are told outright not to let anyone through the many areas of the castle. Nyx, just wanders through without any questions. The guards just move to the side, he doesn't even knock over anyone. The unintentional laughs from the audience said it all about how poorly constructed the film was.

On to Cthulu.

Fleet Commander:Hey let's put a giant octopus in one of our transports with it not strapped down or contained at all.

General:Great idea.

I don't know if that happened or what sort of air force planning happened, but they somehow got a giant Octopus monster on a flying ship and it almost killed the princess. Really unsure if the ships just have robots powered by magic on them or there were people on board. If a regular soldier got that mission I think he would just abandon that job. Because of the giant octopus.

Nyx saves the Princess from the Octopus, whose fairly smart. Because when the Princess, without any emotions gets onto another ship in the air while the Octupus in destroying the ship the octopus tries to escape onto another ship too, because it's ship is going down. That's one of the dumbest things I've written down in a while.

At the same time some to most of the Kingsglaive has betrayed King Regis, because he is a terrible leader, so members of the Kingsglaive are just killing each other. One... one of them sees Nyx kill another member of the team in defense and calmly asks, "What's your problem?," He gets stabbed right after that from behind.

Nyx then gets the Princess to the King to see him get murdered by General Glauca, which is a funny name to say in English, cause it sounds like the start of guacamole. Good riddance, you awful king. The Princess gets a magical ring at this point that imbues people with super powers or sets you on fire.

When people get set on fire, we laughed a lot in the theater. Sure the writer was trying to make it mean something, but we just laughed our hearts out when people were set on fire.

Sigh, now to the awful escort mission. There's some amazing moments to laugh at here: A car drives in reverse up a building with no magical powers. A great moment, one of the best, where Nyx out of nowhere starts talking about his little sister dying. The audience abrupted into laughter. This dialogue was so forced and so out of the blue you couldn't chuckle of how inappropriate it was for Nyx to suddenly start talking about her death. The dumbest scene in the movie.

It was revealed that General Glauca, who does have really cool powers and armor was some guy who was sort of Nyx's commander. If there had be any real character connection or if Nyx saw this character as a close friend or father figure it probably would have mattered.

Then Nyx gets the magical ring and gets even better super powers and summons statues to fight the invading forces. The statues even have the same powers of the kingsglaive where they can throw their weapons and then be transported to their weapons. It would have been great to watch if a competent director did the film. We had an idiot.

This is where questions like:
Why didn't the King activate these statues from the start?
Wait, were the statues always part of the defense of the city or did Nyx just power up the statues?
Why destroy a city that you've almost completely conquered that has no army or leadership anymore? It's kind of your city at that point.
What's happening right now?

An average person should be freaking out as giant demons and statues are duking it out as robot soldiers fall out of the sky, remember though none of this was focused on so try an imagine it happening as their is no video footage of this to really show, even when this gets released on Blu-ray.

Libertus cracks the line, "Well, you don't see that every day." To me thinking, "F-U  Libertus, F-U!" Really, you mean the destruction of essentially your life and the life of all you hold dear. Time to crack a joke.

Holy cr*p can the writers of this not make anything again.

As the insane battle goes on Nyx is fighting General Glauca the whole time. So they're all flying around as the giants fight each other, which looks, I don't know, and I was there, to much happened for me to remember any good moments.

There's a very unsubtle attempt to show a statue fighting a demon as Nyx is fighting the General, which was just directed so poorly it looked awful.

Nyx dies of the deal to get super powers stopping General Guacamole. What an effing depressing ending to a film. 

Oh, and Princess coldheart, after being rescued, just decides to leave and walk out of the city without any help?

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is as bad as it's title. Square Enix has learned absolutely nothing since it's previous two CGI films. Frankly, they copied the model of the first one getting some big name actors to voice the film while keeping a Japanese script that makes no sense to anyone. Failing on every level to entertain by even screwing up the action makes sure to set back anything the Japanese try to do in the field of CGI animation. This is while short films from Blizzard on Overwatch look so much better. Square you've done it again.

Hope the game is better than the movie.

List of sighs:
-You can't see sh*t in a fight
-Racism, just for white people now. White on white crime
-Immigration; no Japan, you don't no how to tackle this
-Drug problems; problems with explaining what are drug problems
-King Regis is a terrible king a deserves everything that happens to him for poor leadership
-Shut up Chancellor Ardyn, just shut up, ya dirty hobo
-Well, excuse me, Princess Lunafreya
-Who puts a giant Cthulu octopus on a flying transport?
-Your city is destroyed, not a time to crack jokes
-Would be nice to see the fight
-I hate that Princess

Give me Libertus or give me death!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sony, Snatch as a TV Show Is A Dumb Idea, Fire the Executive Whose Doing It

Announced today, Sony wants the Snatch TV show to fail immediately by giving it to Crackle. What's Crackle, yeah, that's my point Sony. Crackle is the online trash can of Sony's attempts to have a version of Netflix. The garbage that some how became two Dead Rising movies you don't remember came out on the network(?)

Now Sony is poised to create at TV show based on a movie that I love, known for its visual flair, great cast, violence and cheeky racism into a cheap show on the internet?

Just stop making anything Sony other than video games, that's all you can do.

The series will be 10 episodes long, be one-hour each and stars Ron Weasly as the main character, someone named Charlie Cavendish. It'll be directed by Nick Renton, who has the IMDB page you would think of someone who has no right to make the show. No original cast & crew involved? Set for 2017 it will last a ten episode season, as already ordered, then fade away for being awful.

Try looking up the story on other sites and check out all the bad clip art for Snatch as no images for the show exist yet.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson

If you're a fan of over-the-freaken-top action movies you need to see the new Amazon Pilot for Jean-Claude Van Johnson, starring a bitter and hilarious Jean-Claude Van Dam. In the pilot Van Dam plays himself who is a retired actor who is also a secret agent. It's filled with the tropes of action films that it'll make your nostalgia explode out of you.

There's a Mr. Brown that's alluded to as JC's long time enemy, hopefully if the show gets picked up we can see Dolph Lundgren getting a better role than in Kindergarten Cop 2.

Go to Amazon and check it out for free now.

Madden 17 Ads, More On The Way

AdWeek has a bit more info on how the Von Miller dance ad came to be. My favorite Von Miller is the one in the red pants and white top. Hope we get collectible figures. The ad agency behind it said there's more parody music videos on the way.

Did anyone see the make your own commercial starring Dolph Lundgren?

PaleyFest Fall TV Preview 2016

Palyfest returns with an assortment of new and returning show including a special night with the cast and crew behind Starz’s Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Check the link below for the full catalog of shows coming out and if you want to grab tickets.

September 8-13
Paley Center
465 N. Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Anthony Petrie's Charts 2 Interview

Property: Rocky
Medium: Acetate Print in an LED light box frame
Size: 24” x 36”
Paper: Acetate

Anthony Petrie, accomplished artist takes us on another trip through cinema and pop culture. Anthony Petrie's Charts 2 will be opening for public consumption Sept 3 at Gallery 1988. He finds a way to make a film seem like a stylized infographic like no other. Dropping bits of info in a beautiful looking piece that must adorn any cinephiles screening room.

You've probably seen his work at Gallery 1988 before or for advertising name brands. We interviewed Anthony, way back in early 2015 for his first solo show and are happy enough to get to ask brand new questions about his life, but more importantly on his art.

Anthony Petrie
TTDILA: What a great show, back in 2015, were there any major events in your life since then? Should we really even dwell on that or go right into questions about the art?
Anthony Petrie:Biggest major event after chARTs1 was the beginning of work on chARTs2 [lame]. Aside from that, I started showing my work at conventions in the past year, starting with New York Comic Con last October, and most recently San Diego Comic Con in July, both of which were exhausting but really lucrative and fun.
Ya bastard, you did the art for the special edition Snatch Steelbook Blu-ray? That's like my favorite movie visually. I don't know what happened to Guy Ritchie after that, Madonna, but he sure can't make'm like he use to. How did that come about? Look at the Blu-ray cover online for the regular version, it looks like they cut-out the cast and put them together. So nerdy about that right now, I know, but please go on.
The project came about from a marketing initiative between Sony and Gallery 1988 called “Project Pop Art” wherein artists were commissioned to re-design the DVD Blu-ray covers of popular movies for sale exclusively at Best Buy. I got lucky with Snatch and Kung-Fu Hustle, and it was awesome seeing that artwork in a commercial space for such big movies.

You bring up a good point about the regular DVD artwork and most movie marketing materials in general. It’s terrible. It’s always been terrible. And it’s the reason why the surge of underground pop culture inspired artwork has become so popular. It’s a response to the cut-and-paste generic and uncreative imagery that studios employ to advertise the movies we all love. I think this project in particular shows that studios are finally starting catching on to that creative response and are now providing opportunities for artists like myself to infuse creativity back into a lot of the artwork used to sell movies.
“Flight Plans"
Property: Up
Medium: 3-Color Screen-Print on Stock White
Size: 24” x 36”
Paper: Stock White

On fandom and I hope you can agree, most cover art looks like garbage, you know as well as I, the studios is like, "Get the actors faces on the cover!"  Ughhh, I hate that! Now buying physical media for me has to deal with not only extras, but the cover art. Your thoughts? If Blockbusters existed anymore would you make mock covers and tape them to the front of DVD’s?
For the most part I agree, movie key art is there more to fulfill requirements of actor’s contracts and so people know that “oh this is the Bradd Pitt movie”, and a lot of the time key art and marketing materials suffer for it. However I would also say there has definitely been a noticeable infusion of “alternative subculture” art concepts and aesthetics into the mass marketing of pop culture brands and movies. Production companies and design firms look to the sub-genre of alternative movie posters for inspiration in mainstream marketing projects. Additionally, the more popular and skilled a traditional/freelance artist gets, the more mainstream work opportunities they will receive, allowing that artist to infuse their own vision into the property.  I think that the overall modern poster movement serves as a trendsetter for all printed material in graphic design, illustration and marketing worlds, and that influence is being seen particularly in the Snatch DVD project we just discussed.

When working on your pieces, how hard is it to really design and finish them, because they're quite intricate. I'm going on two levels or more than that: time it requires, forethought, I mean planning them out must require many skills. If it's too long to explain in general you might want to go over one piece and it's development.
“Carte Concierge"
Property: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Medium: 2-Color, Double-Sided Screen-Print on Pop Tone Pink Lemonade French Paper With Metallic Shimmer
Size: 24” x 36”
Paper: Pop Tone Pink Lemonade French Paper
For chARTs, the work is 90% research, 9% execution and 1% cursing out loud. I don’t usually sketch them out beforehand. Instead, I do a lot of writing and researching and lay out all the information I’ve gathered onto my computer screen. Then it’s just a matter of connecting the dots and composing. I don’t usually know what the final piece is going to look like in my head before I start. I let the information come together organically through the research process, or until it just looks cool...
Last time, we saw a lot of older favorites, do you mainly stay in very beloved titles, no cult stuff. will any of the films used be from the last five years? Is most of the modern slate of films just not that great? I would disagree and would love to see you do a Nurse Office's sexually transmitted disease chart for It Follows.
Ha, and It Follows chART would be great, I’m going to steal that. I think the first chARTs show was a proof of concept more or less. I stuck with properties that had really iconic and recognizable elements so people would understand what the point of these posters were. They don’t have the convenience of having a big title block and character faces on them, so that the viewer immediately knows what the movie is. Because of their subversive nature, they rely heavily on iconic elements and color palettes for immediate recognition. There’s still a lot of those “ conic movie moments" in chARTs 2 but there’s definitely newer properties being explored as well. I think at this point, people understand what the concept of chARTs is, and are able to pick up on the visual clues that are hidden in each poster.
Given the chance now, we seemingly only went over the surface of the genres you like in film. Is there any films you love, but just can't figure out to get down in your style. Are there some films you love that shouldn't be tackled, you said last interview, "I like movies that most normal people hate.”
I think it’s less about movies that are difficult to nail down in this style, and more about how to make the poster unexpected. If you heard I was doing a chART for the movie Star Wars, you might assume that it’s a technical drawing of the Millennium Falcon, or a map of Tattooine. I don’t think anyone would have guessed a star constellation chart of Star Wars characters. I think the best chARTs are from movies that you wouldn’t expect...

I'm looking at more of your production design side of work and see some breakout action design for Nickelodeon. Aw, Ninja Turtles! How is it designing or re-designing classic characters?
My inner 7-year-old freaks out while working on TMNT. Come to think of it, my inner 34-year-old freaks out while working on TMNT. If I had to think of a “dream job”, aside from working for myself, this would be it. I haven’t given TMNT the chARTs treatment yet, but hopefully one day I can get something official off the ground.

Do you draw anything from you design gigs? Do you ever think of the piece more for the masses than just your eye? Has it helped create pieces for your show?
Absolutely. Posters are products. They are objects with 3 dimensions, and I think the great thing about chARTs is that they are not exclusive to any niche of people. In a market that’s dominated by over-masculine representations of movies, I think chARTs are pretty gender neutral, and I feel that because of this, they are able to appeal to a larger audience. There’s no deeper meaning to them, nothing to speculate on. They are maps and diagrams, easy to understand and digest, but at the same time fun, non-aggressive and immersive. You don’t need to be a stuffy art critic to appreciate them, and if you love movies, you don’t have to have some actor’s giant face on your wall to decorate your house with that movie’s memorabilia.

On that, are you giving some love to TV, cartoons or gaming this time? I'll ask, but I'm sure you weren't given enough time. Is Stranger Things in there? * Black Mirror gets brand new episodes this October, thanks Netflix.
I totally meant to. There is one TV show in there. And a cartoon. There was a really long list of all kinds of properties including video games and books, but as work went on, and things got boiled down, it ended up being mostly movies [again]. Stranger Things came along too late to make it in, but I love Black Mirror, I’ll keep them both in mind for sure. I think TV shows and video games are SO expansive and encompassing, it’s really difficult to capture every Easter egg and detail into one poster, whereas a movie is a little easier to “package up” in a single poster.

How long were you given this time, last solo show you said it really helped you get your ideas together. Anything you want to discuss that you couldn't finish?
I started working on this one as soon as the last one ended. Actually there’s special a piece in this show that was started before even the last show. I feel good about the number of pieces, but there are definitely some concepts that I didn’t get to explore for this one. I don’t think there’s going to be a chARTs 3 anytime soon [I need a break], but I’m hoping to be able to continue this concept throughout the year intermittently, so I think a lot of those unrealized concepts will start to emerge.

Andrew DeGraff and his new book, Plotted: A Literary Atlas. Is he a jerk?
Andrew is awesome , we met at the Star Wars event at G88. We’re in the same genre, but our work is so different I don’t think there’s any overlap. There’s a lot of mutual respect there, and I’m a huge fan of his work. Where as his Plotted work is solely based on his mastery of maps, I try to broaden the definition of what chARTs is and what it can be, so that maps is just one part of the definition. I think it’s part of a bigger story that is being explored in the ‘infographic’ space, by not only myself and DeGraff, but Tom Whalen and Kevin Tong [Info-rama], and a lot of other artists who are starting to pick up on some of those more graphic and informative themes.
How about your relationship with Jensen Karp, co-owner of Gallery 1988, we all know him now with his book, that I'm not going to plug. How's that, how did he get your work to his gallery?
Jensen and I are friends, and he and Katie have both been amazingly supportive of me and my work at Gallery 1988. He had been following my work online, and literally just called me out of the blue to work on a gallery show back in 2011, which quickly led to the official Breaking Bad show, which quickly led to the official Avengers show. And his book is great, I actually went to a book event he had in NYC, so if you’re not going to plug it, I will: Kanye West owes me $300 by Jensen Karp, available now! Oh, and chARTs2, September 3rd at Gallery 1988!!

As Anthony so casually plugged it his show:

Anthony Petrie's Charts 2
Opening Reception Sep 3, 7-10pm
G1988(West) 7308 Melrose Ave