Sunday, November 23, 2014

Modded Amiibos Make Us Laugh

Some of the good folks online are already modding their Amiibos. I want the creepier version of Villager.

Cards Against Humanity's The Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa

So, give them $15 and they'll send you ten mystery gifts for the ten days or whatever of Kwanzaa.

ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko Teddyloid That's No A Word Error This Anime Music Video is Sweeping the Net

Coming from Japanese animation house Gainax, a NSFW music video of an Otaku who has broken up with his girlfriend or is having a psychotic breakdown with hot girls breaking down his mind. So much bouncing!

See it here (NSFW)

Who doesn't want to play that shooter? A Gainax video game?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Ho-Down: Gamer Gifts Part 1

The good folks over at Gameetee, another British merch company-when did the British get so into game merch- have some wonderful gamer gear for you to put on for the holidays. Damn, why can't they just get a boutique here in LA?

I'm partial to the Hyrulian Forest - Candle.

The Arcade Warehouse Open Free On Saturdays

The Arcade Warehouse 

21819 Plummer St 
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(252) 543-9723 

Open to the public every Saturday 9am-4pm for free play.

So this Saturday, and possibly quite a few more, you could play some free arcade games, but that's Saturday only. The rest of the week this place rents and sells arcade machines. So maybe try one out and rent it for the office for a month.

This deal might only last for a short time after this is written 11/20/14, so check their Facebook or Twitter before going.

Murder LA 000062

Hassan Zarijifar was on trial, charged with attacking a police officer during some demonstrations against the shah of Iran that turned violent. The shah's sister was in Beverly Hills and a group tried to set it on fire.
Serving on the jury was Mrs. Joanne Cotsen. When the court adjourned for lunch on Wednesday, May 23rd, 1979, Mrs. Cotsen headed to her own Beverly Hills residence. Her father had founded a company called Natone. Her husband, Lloyd, built it up and changed the name to Neutrogena. He was in New York, on business.

Mrs. Cotsen did not make it back to court that afternoon. At some point she, her 14-year-old son Noah, and a friend of his came in contact with a masked man in the house. They were all tied up and fatally shot.

There was a man renting the Cotsen's guest house. That tenant and his girlfriend walked into the main house at some point and also came into contact with the masked gunman. Several reports say that they were also tied up but the woman (or both of them) escaped during an attempted rape, prompting the intruder to flee as well.

Lloyd Cotsen first heard the news from a radio in a car in New York, according to an LA Times writer.

Police first said it appeared to be a robbery, with the house “lightly” ransacked. But soon there was speculation about the trial Mrs. Cotsen was serving on the jury for. The Cotsen's guest house tenant had described an accent he thought was middle-eastern. Authorities did not find any links and the trial concluded with a guilty verdict the following day, after an alternate juror replaced Mrs. Cotsen.

via The Deseret News
Lloyd Cotsen was convinced that he was, in fact, the target. He hired bodyguards for himself and his three surviving children, who were already adults and had left the Beverly Hills home. He kept on the move, staying at hotels or with friends.

Nearly a year later police held a press conference to announce they were satisfied that the case was solved, but no arrests were made.

A bottle of chloroform had been left at the scene. It was a unique bottle from Belgium.

Decades prior, Lloyd Cotsen had purchased the rights to sell a soap created at Laboratories Fromont S.A. This would become Neutrogena's main product. When the creator died, he left everything to his mistress, who then married a Mr. Erich Arnold Tali.

Los Angeles detectives set up an interview with Mr. Tali, but he committed suicide hours before meeting with them. Police waited four months after that before going public, to make sure they were "satisfied with their case."

They concluded it was a business rivalry, with Mr. Cotsen as the intended target. Tali believed Cotsen owed the Belgian company more than they were paid. He had tried to sue Cotsen in European courts several times for the Neutrogena trademark but lost repeatedly.

Police believed Tali was the masked man. They had credit card records showing he flew from New York to Belgium the day after the attacks and an officer who reported seeing a suspicious man in the area that day identified Tali from a photograph.

Years later Lloyd Cotsen was appointed CEO of Neutrogena.

Game Hype: Smash Bros Out

Don't forget our friends at World 8 for your gaming needs, it's where we film Things To Do In Games. Not only is Smash going to be there, but every other game that came out in the last two weeks. After which nothing will come out for some time.

World 8
1057 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, California
(213) 389-5212

Sassony Arcade Closed

The iconic arcade of downtown ate it's last quarter in October as the entire building was sold. Arcades machines and pool tables were sold off on Craigslist. Though it was nowhere near as clean as the brand new Dave & Buster's on Hollywood it was a total old-school arcade, one of the last of LA and the US.

You may have seen it as you passed it on Broadway, never knowing it was the same arcade from the "Bishop of Battle" segment of the Nightmares film or the scene from Rocky III where Paulie throws a bottle of liquor at a Rocky pinball machine.

Now it's gone, making way for news shops and businesses for the downtown area.

We last reviewed it a few years back and it was in no good shape. Machines were cannibalized from one another, strange Japanese language arcade unites were hard to understand and even a horse racing game stood out. People from a nameless electronic store attached to it would clean the floor, while old men played pool in the back.

Sassony never tried to get caught up with the modern age. No website, Facebook page, Twitter or any home console play inside it. It was a genuine old-school arcade that's now faded away.

Will Oculus game centers replace it?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

LA Links: KROQ Christmas that wasn't

-Ken Block Launches Gymkhana 7: Wild In The Streets Of Los Angeles

-Ticketmaster's KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas flub angers fans

"Bryan Madole sat down at his computer on Friday to buy tickets for KROQ's annual two-night Christmas concert. He had the tickets he wanted, but then was very disappointed."

Holiday Ho-Down: Sweaters and Socks

We in LA don't usually wear them, because even when it's cold it's not cold enough to wear one. Still if you have an ugly sweater party, want to show off your love of games or just want to be warm we have our guide to keep you dying from leaking heat.

Or at least we would SweaterFest 2 is sold out

Our favorites from Gamer Heaven in England, have to be the Street Fighter Official Christmas Sweater and Playstation Official Christmas Sweater. Though there are many more choices to ring in the New Year. or ring the neck of your opponent in a match.

 There video game socks are hard to pass on too. Sonic and Street Fighters keeps your toes warm.

W have Shredder's , not the Ninja Turtles' enemy, showing off some sweaters that will turn heads. Why not have Drive's Scorpion Jack in Sweater from or a Satanist symbol on your belly?

Ick Rinks in LA 2014 Guide

This list is all the seasonal LA area ice rinks

Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square
Nov 13- Jan 19
532 S. Olive St.
General Admission $9
Skate Rental $3 (Figure or Hockey Skates) 

Woodland Hills Ice
Nov 14- Jan 19
6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Nov 14- Jan 19
$13 Kids (10 & Under)
$15 Adults (11 & over)
$20 All Day Pass
Kids 3 & under FREE with paid adult
$120 Frequent Skater Punch Card (10 Admissions)

ICE at Santa Monica
Nov 1- Jan 19
Third Street Promenade

LA Kings Holiday Ice
Nov 29 - Dec 31
LA Live
General admission (includes ice skate rental) $13 per person
Children under 5 years old $8 per person
Military and Seniors (with ID) $8 per person 
Socks are availabe for $4.

The Rink in Downtown Burbank
Nov 28-Jan 19
The corner of N 3rd Street and E Orange Grove Avenue
Admission is $10.00, skate rentals are $3.00, and Bobby the Seal rentals are $6.00

Olaf's Frozen Ice Rink
Nov 13- Jan 6
Downtown Disney, Anaheim
$17 admission includes $3 skate rental, $12 toddler admission

Queen Mary Ice Skating Part of CHILL
Nov 21- Jan 11
Queen Mary
1126 Queen's Hwy, Long Beach
Online; Adult $40, Child $30-More than just Ice Skating included

Two Park Parties: Pershing Square & Grand Park

Pershing Square Renew Launch Party
Thursday, Nov. 20, from 5-8 p.m.
532 S. Olive St.

"Downtown stakeholders are invited to the free event at 532 S. Olive St. that will include cocktails (for purchase) and music from Pattern Bar owner and DJ Eduardo Castillo. A variety of food trucks will be on hand, including Don Chow Tacos, Coolhaus and the Grilled Cheese Truck. Local artists and designers will turn a portion of the park into an interactive canvas. In addition to food, drink and art, there’s a practical side: Members of the public can discuss what they’d like to see in a revamped Pershing Square. "

Grand Park's Playground Grand Opening
Saturday, Nov. 22, at 2 p.m.
Grand Park
200 North Grand Avenue

Will be open to kids up to age 12,same hours as the park, 5:30 a.m.-10 p.m. every day

From the images online I think they wasted a lot of money, that million dollars could have made something a lot more ... grand.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie and Expelled From Paradise In Theaters

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie starts tomorrow at the Downtown Independent
Based on the popular anime and manga series Naruto: Shippuden. Sixteen years ago, the Fourth Hokage sealed the Nine-Tailed Fox spirit that had ravaged the Village Hidden in the Leaves away in his newborn son Naruto, giving up his own life and that of his wife. Since then, Naruto has become an established shinobi. But when the eight members of the criminal organization Akatsuki return from the grave, Naruto and his teammate Sakura are transported to a parallel world in which Naruto's parents are still alive. Here, Naruto must face the most difficult decision he has ever had to make: find a way back and defeat the Akatsuki, or remain in this world where he can finally learn what it's like to have a family.
Friday, November 21st: 5:00PM
Saturday, November 22nd: 3:30PM 
Sunday, November 23rd: 2:00PM, 8:00PM
Monday, November 24th: 9:00PM
Tuesday, November 25th: 5PM
Wednesday, November 26th: 7PM

Expelled From Paradise comes to theaters this December. Per usual, this release has it coming to LA's Downtown Independent for a limited release as well. It's a sci-fi western with cuttung edge animation.

Parasyte Live Action Trailer

 Thought the anime is going a little slow for me and I juut don't like the director's style I can't wait to see how the live action version goes. Maybe we'll see it for the LA Film Festival?

When a Japanese High School student loses his hand to an alien parasitic being it's only the start of his nightmare as others are afflicted and lose more than their hands. It's going to get violent as gross as bodies are going to pile up when these things go on rampages.

The film hasn't been release in theaters in Japan, just some festivals. Two movies are planned. One for this year and one for 2015.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dragon Ball 30th Anniversary Coverage from other sites

I loved the power up contest we did

Check the write-ups from LA Weekly and Rocket News

-Manga Series Dragon Ball Celebrates 30th Anniversary

-Cosplay, art, and power-ups: A look at the Dragon Ball 30th anniversary gallery in Little Tokyo
*There were no Blu-rays

Waiting To Watch: Atari: Game Over & Power Rangers Super Megaforce's Legendary Battle

The Power Rangers Super Megaforce's Legendary Battle episode airs this Saturday, Nov 22 on Nickelodeon. This is the episode that uses the footage from the major crossover film in Japan that featured every ranger ever.

Atari: Game Over goes on Xbox Live Thursday Nov 20. The film is a documentary about the awful 1982 game E.T. and how the games numerous unsold copies were sent to a landfill. The doc covers the filmmakers digging up the landfill and the impact the game had on the gamin marketing at the time.

The Punisher Stays at the JW Marriott Los Angeles

It's been some time since we went over places The Punisher goes in LA in writer Nathan Edmondson's run of the series. The Punisher being outside of LA the most likely reason. The Punisher is back and all of LA is at war with the Dos Soles gang. That doesn't stop the Howling Commandos from stopping their attack on old skull chest. Instead of helping the people of LA the US Military unit decided to kidnap innocent civilians, the remains of The Punisher's family, then shack up at one of the most well known hotels in LA, the JW Marriott Los Angeles. Now they lie in wait watching the city burn and truly being a-holes that couldn't give a damn about an entire city burning around them.

Kudos to Nathan for almost killing the team behind the Fantastic Four movie at the start of the comic. There's no need as Fox is killing the project with the most bat-sh*t insane marketing campaign ever of nothing at Comic-Con and no marketing whatsoever.

The coffin, that's what I like to refer to the JW Marriott Los Angeles, and is a nice name for what's going to happen to the Howling Commandos, is a venerable eye-sore of the city that you can't miss. This co-owned building is also the The Ritz-Carlton. Yes, they share the same hotel, but not the same check-in, leading to many people entering the wrong way to get to their section of the hybrid hotel.

To get even more confusing the hotels floors are divided as such: the JW Marriott hotel is on floors 3 through 21, the Ritz-Carlton hotel is on floors 22 through 26. Floors 27 through 52 are apartments held by the ultra wealthy of LA by the Ritz Carlton. Stories of college kids who have rich parents  staying for their years abroad in LA supposedly stay on the top floors with other heavy-hitters.

The hotel is used very often as it's walking distance to both the LA Convention Center, Nokia Theater and the Staples Center and centered in LA's ugly attempt at Time Square, LA Live.

Some of it's amenities include a helicopter pad on the roof, jumbo screen on the outside, pool on the roof, ballroom and plenty of spaces to hold conferences. I myself have gone their numerous times for reasons including a Japanese play, checking in for film festivals and testing out video games for E3.

There's been many controversies about the cost and money used for the hotel. One has been the money invested by foreigners recently via the EB-5 visa program that's been found to have fraud and bad oversight.

To have it constructed the city of LA entered a deal with it not collecting certain taxes until 2035, yeah 2035. Something like $270 million was saved for the company that built it. That doesn't even go over the other deals cut on behalf of the building, let's just say the people of LA aren't getting a fair cut of it's income in taxes.

The hotel itself has some problems from past experience including slow elevators when many are in attendance and some rooms have dreadfully low ceilings with odd ornament that can easily hit your head.

Will it survive The Punisher checking into it? We'll have to wait until next issue.

Goat Simulator Becomes MMO Today

If you have the Goat Simulator a new patch will make it become a MMO Today in another silly and ridiculous idea from Coffee Stain Studios.

Weekly What To Do: LA Auto Show, Holidays and Cartoons

For the Holidays

Nov. 21-30, Dec. 2-7, Dec. 9-Jan. 4 and Jan. 8-11
The Queen Mary
Tickets start at $39.99 for adults and $29.99 for kids (ages 4-11)

from press release:
New in 2014, all CHILL guests can enjoy unlimited access to The Ice Kingdom, ice tubing, ice skating with skate rentals and a visit on the Queen Mary ship with the purchase of general admission tickets.

The Holiday MPK Night Market 
Friday, November 21 5:30pm-10pm
Barnes Park

You had us at Ugly Sweater Contest

from press release:
With the holidays approaching, the night market will feature various holiday activities, including a photo booth with a real-life Santa Claus and giant Christmas d├ęcor, as well as an Ugly Holiday Sweater Photo Contest. Guests are encouraged to wear tacky holiday sweaters and take pictures at the photo booth for a chance to win four AMC movie tickets. The photo with the most likes on the MPK Night Market Facebook page will be crowned the Ugliest Holiday Sweater.

The MPK Night Market has built a reputation for having popular and trendy food booths & trucks, and the holiday event will be no different. Seoul Sausage, 3rd season winners of the Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race, will serve their renowned Korean-fusion sausages and Flaming Balls—deep-fried kimchi fried rice balls smothered in spicy DMZ aioli—alongside renowned food trucks including the Grilled Cheese Truck and the Currywurst Truck. Local eateries will serve exotic street-cuisine and modern adaptations of classic comfort foods, such as Gaja Moc’s fried squid legs and Lee’s Taiwanese Kitchen’s deep-fried bun sandwiches.

Monday, November 24, 7:45-10pm
“5 Towers” concert venue at Universal CityWalk
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608
Free, Pay Parking

Santa Claus, Carson Daily and the top 10 Finalists from hit television series “The Voice.

Nov. 24- Dec. 21 
Westfield Culver City

A fun, interactive space tailored to kids – and kids-at-heart – will feature many Nintendo games, including a Mario Kart 8 tournament played on a large, high-definition display. Visitors can also battle it out in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Additionally, free giveaways, including the Nintendo Holiday Gift Guides, will be available to consumers, while supplies last. 

Conference & Expo

The Los Angeles Auto Show
Nov 21-30
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
General Admission
Monday - Thursday, ages 13 & Up: $12.00
Friday - Sunday, ages 13 & Up: $15.00
Child Admission Ages 6-12: $5.00 
*Children 5 and under are FREE when accompanied by an adult
Seniors Ages 65 & up: $10.00

press release:
The Los Angeles Auto Show confirmed today that 30 world debuts (totaling 60 vehicle unveilings overall) will be introduced in front of a global audience during its 2014 Press & Trade Days (Nov. 18-20) at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Almost every manufacturer has news to make in Los Angeles, but several automakers stand out with multiple global premieres of significant new vehicles. Audi is planning one of its biggest LA Auto Shows to date, with up to eight total debuts, three of which are global, all to be presented by chairman of the board, Rupert Stadler.  Mercedes-Benz will feature three world premieres, which will be showcased alongside the brand’s two North American debuts, while Porsche will hold several world reveals.  Mazda will feature three global premieres, one of which is an all-new vehicle.  BMW has confirmed two world debuts and three North American debuts, and Chevrolet has also committed to two global premieres.

Nov 20-21
Techweek activities Nov 17-23
Santa Monica Pier
Starts at $90

from site:
Techweek hosts a 7-day series of events with a 2-day technology conference and expo to bring together a mixture of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders. This weeklong celebration of technology and innovation brings the local community together and we then shine a large global spotlight on the exciting developments in that community.

Saturday, November 22, 2:00 PM 8:00 PM

Hotel Erwin
1697 Pacific Ave, Venice, CA 90291
Tickets cost $10 in advance and $15 day of, or $50 for VIP tickets

press release:
After a successful first year, Stouts N Staches returns with its block-party style fundraiser, where participating Venice Beach bars and restaurants offer $5 craft beer and food specials to those with the official wristband. Locations include Barlo at Hotel Erwin, Danny's, Larry's, Bank of Venice, Townhouse and James' Beach.

Film & Animation

Thursday, November 20th 7:00 P.M.
The Ray Stark Family Theatre, SCA 108
900 W. 34th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Synopsis:Six years after the violent death of her husband, Amelia (Essie Davis) is at a loss. She struggles to discipline her ‘out of control’ 6 year-old, Samuel (Noah Wiseman), a son she finds impossible to love. Samuel’s dreams are plagued by a monster he believes is coming to kill them both.

Animation Breakdown 2014
Nov 20-24
The Cinefamily
Starts at $12

Cartoons will be celebrated  starting next week with Animation Breakdown. And like many events taking place at the Cinefamily at least two of them look worthwhile to go to.

CTN Expo
Nov 21-23
Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
Starts $115

CTN Expo just happens to be the same week. The long time animation expo is a great place for animators to network, find jobs, or if just starting out get laid find what school you want to go to. Panels, workshops and some of the top animators will be there as it's not very far from where they work, like ten minutes from where they all work. It does take place at the Burbank Marriot, the ugliest convention center we have, people lie and say it's nice, it's not.

Streamline Superheroes: Art Deco in Comics and Film/ FLASH GORDON: ROCKETSHIP
Saturday, November 22
Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Electric Dusk Drive-In: Winter Film Series 
Saturday, November 22 -December 6
Electric Dusk Drive-In
1000 San Julian St
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Beyond 3D: The Animated World of David OReilly
Monday, November 24, 8:30pm
631 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

from site:
Having popularized stripped-down graphics and glitch effects, David OReilly opened up the aesthetic horizons of 3D animation with richly imagined lo-fi absurdism and a surprising soulfulness. Known for the influential shorts Please Say Something (2009), winner of top awards at the Berlin and Ottawa film festivals, and The External World (2010), he was Cartoon Network’s first-ever “guest director” on the fifth-season opener of Adventure Time, and created video games for Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated film Her. The animation star has since developed his own high-concept game, Mountain.


November 23, 2014–February 22, 2015

Resnick Pavilion, LACMA

Press release:
This exhibition marks the first major retrospective of the work of Pierre Huyghe (b. 1962, Paris). Huyghe creates films, installations, and events that blur fact and fiction, reinvent rituals of social engagement, and use the exhibition model as a site for playful experimentation. Organized thematically, the exhibition covers more than two decades of Huyghe's career.


Wednesday November 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Comic writer extraordinaire Grant Morrison (JLA, Batman and Robin, New X-Men) appears at Meltdown Comics 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014 07:30 PM