Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Contenders Film Series at the Hammer

Another great reason to live in LA. if a film buff, the truly amazing special events, conversations and screenings. The Hammer presents twelve films with their directors and actors in tow through December and January in their Contenders Series. The series starts off with Bong Joon ho's Snow Piercer, it's a very pretentious film and Bong version's of the story added Asian people, because he's Asian. You can tell how well it did by not remembering it being out for long and now being on Netflix.

 TICKETS$15 General Admission / $10 HAMMER PLUS Members (with valid discount code)*

Full schedule

Blipsy Bar: Don't Get Tipsy on Spy Hunter

Why are there Pac-Man pellets outside of this nameless bar in Koreatown? It's the Blipsy Barcade or Blispy Bar, one of the last old-school arcades of LA...and it's a bar. They have some old arcade and pinball machines to play and grab a beer while you look a the decor and think, "I hope this doesn't give me nightmares."

Blipsy Bar
369 N Western Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90004
P (323) 461-7067
Last Friday night, the city was cold, we had just filmed our gaming show a few miles away at World 8. We hadn't had our gaming fix filled, so we ended up at the famous-Yelp famous-Blipsy Barcade, a seedy bar arcade set in Koreatown with no easy way to identify what it was, where it is, or what's going on inside from the outside.

Once inside you'll be shocked by the old arcade titles and the comic shop/Chuckie Cheese furry costumes all over the place. Past the She-Ra and Orko pictures hanged with care you have a wall of arcade classics wanting for your quarters.

Punchout uses two monitors? We never saw this fighter that has two screens, one for your fight, the other for the billing of the fighters. Look in the crowd when your dodging attacks, is that Donkey Kong? This machine makes the whole bar come alive with how loud it gets calling out moves and the fight.

The Twilight Zone pinball machine opens the doorway to even more noise as you'll hear Rod Sterling tell you to consider stuff from beyond the grave.

Can't say much about  the drinks, we only stayed long enough to get a bite to eat next door. Yelp reviews say they're fair priced.

Games cost rarely more than a quarter and there's an ATM and change machines (almost hidden) in back.

This place isn't going to win an award for decorum. It's like they tried decorating  years ago, gave up, and people are just sneaking stuff in and putting it places, and they gave up. Whatever, it doesn't get in the way of the games you can play.

There's a small section for a DJ to drop beats, but we may have come by too early for any beats to be dropped.

Blipsy is a small, hole-in-the-wall arcade. If mixing up for a night around LA head there late, play some games and get something to drink.

Is The Women In The Amazon Fire HD Commercial Retarded?

Some are speculating online that the women, relaxing on her couch with her new Amazon Fire HD, is retarded. Why? What she's looking at? Her top choice for a show to watch and with enjoyment is "Back at the Barnyard", one of the laziest CGI cartoons ever that ended in 2011. So on her brand new device she decided to watch a show for pre-schoolers. Is she retarded or is the Amazon marketing department for not getting the license to use anything more relative in pop culture? The Amazon Fire HD, a device that can get you cartoons no one ever cared for. You're a bad person if you get it for a family member.

Reddit Isn't Into LA Today

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Good. Less people will come.

Looks like the people of LA aren't either.

Jurassic World, Chris Pratt is the New Neo (Keanu Reeves)

 Mind blowing, after a never-ending stream of failures of dinosaurs eating people they decide to open the park again.Velociraptors are friends? Meta joke about Steven Spielberg's Jaws. Why even bother trying to fight Star Wars on Friday? Chris Pratt is no the go to hero for Hollywood?

Oh Universal, why are you even bothering with a connected Universe for your monsters? James Gunn, director of Chris Pratt's Guardians, wrote out to Universal about how bad the idea is to create a connected universe without first having a good movie. Dracula: Butt Unfold was not a spectacular movie. Universal just put time and effort into making good films first.

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014

If your British and an actor you'll one day find yourself on Doctor Who. It's just a thing in England, and there's only so many actors they have. This Christmas, Nick Frost will play Santa Claus in the the Doctor Who Christmas Special. It looks like a mash-up of Alien and and Santa Claus Fights the Martians, can't wait.

Super Smashing Holiday!!!! Dec 20

not art in show
You would think iam8bit would be doing this one-they're making ornaments- no, it's QPop taking control of this holiday season with a Super Smash Bros themed art show in December!

Super Smashing Holiday!!!!
December 20 at 7:00pm
Q2 mini Gallery in Los Angeles, California

Some of QPop's favorites artists are showing off their moves and love of Smash this holiday season.

Wait, there's more! A tournament is going to be projected? Projected where? We don't know, but let's hope that I lend my Wii U so all the characters are unlocked or at least create some Miis for Chris and Miki, the co-owners of the gallery. 

List of artist so far:
Sylvia Liu
Eastwood Wong
Keiko Murayama
Phillip Light
Heejin Kim
Jane Schneider
Tim Snyder
Elsa Chang
Chris Turnham
Bernie Petterson
Doug Gauthier
Dave Smith
Cheyenne Curtis
Sangeun Song
Michelle Park
Helen Chen
Nikolas Ilic
Eusong Lee
Aaron Fryer
Stephanie Ramirez
Brian Kesinger
Carrie Liao
Crowded Teeth
Tania Franco
and more

Monday, November 24, 2014

Things To Do In Games Episode 3 Abridged Super Smash Bros Wii U

Here's the abridged version of the show. Super Smash Bros for the Wii U can only be more fun with friends and talkin' sh*t. In our lastes episode we play the new Super Smash Bros Wii U, talk about animal genitals and play newscasters as we get or smash on.

Things To Do In Games Episode 3 Super Smashed

We settle old scores and talk about dongs in our playthrough of Super Smash Bros for Wii U. What a great title... for Wii U? Abridged version coming soon.

Pokemon Christmas Card 2014

Pika Chi Double has her annual Pokemon Christmas Card ready. I dig her bags. Get them studded with Pokemon! We may have a Pokemon Center online now, but they don't have holiday cards. So remind people you love Christmas and Pokemon.

WB Stupid Doesn't Make S.T.A.R. Labs Shirts and Sweaters

Here's a thread of knock-off sites. You're lazy WB.

The S.T.A.R. Labs logo has been appearing all over the CW's new show The Flash and WB hasn't cashed in by sporting a line of S.T.A.R. Labs gear. I would love to reveal a sweatshirt at a nerd affair this holiday season, hurry up and get to work WB elves.

Comic Arts LA Dec 9

Comic Arts LA
Saturday, Dec, 6th 10am-6pm
Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Ave, Suite #200
Los Angeles, CA 90015

This is a new indie comics get together happening right before the holidays to get some thought-provoking and strange comics to friends and family. Some will just stare at you politely for the comics as a gift, others will genuinely cherish them.

I'm looking forward to picking up something from Kasey Williams after our discussion of her female body horror art. Oh, the holidays. Though she seems to have a penchant for drawing adorable cats.

David C. Smith, who we interviewed a few times for  his work on Adventure Time, and Lisa Hanawalt, known for her funny drawings online, will also be in attendance. Much of the Steven Universe Crew will also be attending, they just live in Burbank, so not that far a drive for them.

Hello January Movies, George Lucas Isn't Going to Die With Diginity

Slated to come out this January, the worst month for movies, is Strange Magic.The CGI-laden film is a re-imagining of A Midsummer's Night Dream by George Lucas, who did not direct. The animation is hideous and the songs are vomit inducing. Who else thought the short ugly elf was voiced by Wanda Sykes?

Cartoon Hype: Sony Has No Internal Ideas, Go! Cartoons Take Over

Frederator has made a deal with Sony for 12 animated shorts, it's nsme "Go! Cartoons". The same company that helped launced Adventure Time and not have to pay for Puppycat, you did, does it again with Sony putting up the money for animation ideas. Submit your own pilot to them. Fred Seibert you are one crazy, poster-loving- MTV ad making, money getting machine. Damn, what does Frederator have to do in this situation other than watch cartoons, it's not even financing the pilots.


Adventure Time Time: New Episodes This Week

"Ice King stood at the window of his castle.
“I HATE Christmas,” he cried out. “What a miserable hassle!
People celebrating, dancing and stuff!
To them all I say, ‘Bah! Hum butt!!!’”

from A Christmas-tastic Carol
Illustrator: Emily Warren

This week we have four new episodes of the show to be thankful for and a lot of merchandise both fictional and real to look for. Has anyone spotted any new Finn and Jake Christmas ornaments?

Artist Volatile-Vertex re-imagines the cast as Batman characters, guess who Mr. Freeze is? Check 360 views here.

-a Guinness World Record breaking whoopee cushion made in France with Jake's face from Pen Ward's Twitter.

-Art from Jean Liang's attempt to do an episode of Adventure Time that never worked out.  I guess it was titled "Reality Mounting"

-I want the map from Adventure Time's takeover of a Bahama hotel. Look at how it was made.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Modded Amiibos Make Us Laugh

Some of the good folks online are already modding their Amiibos. I want the creepier version of Villager.

Cards Against Humanity's The Ten Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa

So, give them $15 and they'll send you ten mystery gifts for the ten days or whatever of Kwanzaa.

ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko Teddyloid That's No A Word Error This Anime Music Video is Sweeping the Net

Coming from Japanese animation house Gainax, a NSFW music video of an Otaku who has broken up with his girlfriend or is having a psychotic breakdown with hot girls breaking down his mind. So much bouncing!

See it here (NSFW)

Who doesn't want to play that shooter? A Gainax video game?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holiday Ho-Down: Gamer Gifts Part 1

The good folks over at Gameetee, another British merch company-when did the British get so into game merch- have some wonderful gamer gear for you to put on for the holidays. Damn, why can't they just get a boutique here in LA?

I'm partial to the Hyrulian Forest - Candle.

The Arcade Warehouse Open Free On Saturdays

The Arcade Warehouse 

21819 Plummer St 
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(252) 543-9723 

Open to the public every Saturday 9am-4pm for free play.

So this Saturday, and possibly quite a few more, you could play some free arcade games, but that's Saturday only. The rest of the week this place rents and sells arcade machines. So maybe try one out and rent it for the office for a month.

This deal might only last for a short time after this is written 11/20/14, so check their Facebook or Twitter before going.

Murder LA 000062

Hassan Zarijifar was on trial, charged with attacking a police officer during some demonstrations against the shah of Iran that turned violent. The shah's sister was in Beverly Hills and a group tried to set it on fire.
Serving on the jury was Mrs. Joanne Cotsen. When the court adjourned for lunch on Wednesday, May 23rd, 1979, Mrs. Cotsen headed to her own Beverly Hills residence. Her father had founded a company called Natone. Her husband, Lloyd, built it up and changed the name to Neutrogena. He was in New York, on business.

Mrs. Cotsen did not make it back to court that afternoon. At some point she, her 14-year-old son Noah, and a friend of his came in contact with a masked man in the house. They were all tied up and fatally shot.

There was a man renting the Cotsen's guest house. That tenant and his girlfriend walked into the main house at some point and also came into contact with the masked gunman. Several reports say that they were also tied up but the woman (or both of them) escaped during an attempted rape, prompting the intruder to flee as well.

Lloyd Cotsen first heard the news from a radio in a car in New York, according to an LA Times writer.

Police first said it appeared to be a robbery, with the house “lightly” ransacked. But soon there was speculation about the trial Mrs. Cotsen was serving on the jury for. The Cotsen's guest house tenant had described an accent he thought was middle-eastern. Authorities did not find any links and the trial concluded with a guilty verdict the following day, after an alternate juror replaced Mrs. Cotsen.

via The Deseret News
Lloyd Cotsen was convinced that he was, in fact, the target. He hired bodyguards for himself and his three surviving children, who were already adults and had left the Beverly Hills home. He kept on the move, staying at hotels or with friends.

Nearly a year later police held a press conference to announce they were satisfied that the case was solved, but no arrests were made.

A bottle of chloroform had been left at the scene. It was a unique bottle from Belgium.

Decades prior, Lloyd Cotsen had purchased the rights to sell a soap created at Laboratories Fromont S.A. This would become Neutrogena's main product. When the creator died, he left everything to his mistress, who then married a Mr. Erich Arnold Tali.

Los Angeles detectives set up an interview with Mr. Tali, but he committed suicide hours before meeting with them. Police waited four months after that before going public, to make sure they were "satisfied with their case."

They concluded it was a business rivalry, with Mr. Cotsen as the intended target. Tali believed Cotsen owed the Belgian company more than they were paid. He had tried to sue Cotsen in European courts several times for the Neutrogena trademark but lost repeatedly.

Police believed Tali was the masked man. They had credit card records showing he flew from New York to Belgium the day after the attacks and an officer who reported seeing a suspicious man in the area that day identified Tali from a photograph.

Years later Lloyd Cotsen was appointed CEO of Neutrogena.