Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wondercon 2014 Exclusives

Dark Horse Covers
Boom Studios

"Natasha Allegri (3:30-4:30p Sunday); Sketch artists Hannah Nance Partlow and Kassandra Heller will also be there, and fans can get custom sketches to be drawn on blank Adventure Time Get-A-Sketch covers for $20."

WonderCon exclusive Godzilla poster

Other Exlcusives

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Giant Cake For Free Later This Month Beverly Hills

possible look for giant cake
Shut up, shut up I'm getting to the giant cake.

Beverly Hills is getting old, it's turning 100. For it's big birthday a giant block party will be taking place April 27 on Rodeo Drive. Guittard Chocolate will be making a fifteen thousand slice cake that will weigh four thousand pounds and will be free. It will be composed of many chocolates.


For more cake information
Check out the Beverly Hill's site
tweet @RodeoDriveBH

"The centerpiece of the centennial celebration will be a one-of-a-kind birthday cake presented by the Luxe Hotel Rodeo Drive and Guittard Chocolate Company’s corporate executive pastry chef, Donald Wressell. The cake will stand 10-feet high, 15-feet wide, 20-feet long and will weigh approximately 4,000 pounds, depicting the iconic Beverly Hills City Hall tower and Rodeo Drive. The cake is anticipated to serve approximately 15,000 slices to community members at the event."


Hello Kitty Kruisers Krap Review

Hello Kitty Kruisers - Wii U
Ahhhh! Turn down that lawnmower, oh, wait, it's Hello Kitty Kruisers! I can't even concentrate in this game as every car's engine is so loud it sounds like yard work is going on outside. Over yelling and much hate of the feline cat of white with soulless dead doll's eyes was Hello Kitty Kruisers played.

Hello Kitty Kruisers is the newest shovelware for the Wii U. A clunky, impossibly lazy little white cat turd churned out to steal money for those with affection for their feline friend. A pitiful clone of MarioKart with graphics slow-down on the Wii U? How is that even possible?

Up to four friends can race in a happy go-lucky Sanrio-It's-a-small-world-environment with Sanrio characters like bunny, frog and other animals names I don't care to learn.

You transition, without choice, from land to sea to air, sort of like G.I. Joe, but not as fun as G.I. Joe. No matter if you're in a cute plane, cute boat or cute car everything drives the same. I mean they left in the rubber tire to asphalt streaking sound on turns on the boat. Other than up and down you're driving your car through courses in the air and on water. One of which looks very much like rainbow road, but hey Nintendo doesn't own rainbows, yet.

While playing with three others in local co-op, no online, the game slowed down. A Wii U game slowed down? What the Hell? Gamplay split-the screen four-ways and I don't care if that's more taxing for the game or system. That's something you fix with game testing. The screen withered as the game slowed and it was like the ride in Disneyland finally  taxed out to so many fat people on it.

This game will get on your nerves if you're playing with terrible players such as little kids as this game has no time's up function. So if three other human racers complete a race and one person doesn't the race won't time out. You have to wait until they cross the finish line.

Imagine if you're a parent and have to play with your kids. Or if your a kids and your parents suck at race games-you have to wait for them.

Waiting, hearing a gardener multiplied by ten is another scratch by this cat. The sound the games makes is horrific of non-stop engine noise. You might as well just put a mic up to a brick hitting me in the head and oscillating it to last for the entire gameplay.

Lazy doesn't describe how the game rewards players after a tournament by showing absolutely no closing video of the winner winning the tournament or unlocking a trophy, a visual of a trophy or a medal getting received.

It doesn't matter what the material is, it could have been Muppets or washed up Nickelodeon live action stars, when it comes to lazy game-play everyone loses.

Hello Kitty Kruisers needs to be put down. Wait for MarioKart 8.

K-town Night Market April 18-19

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools
701 S Catalina St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
 Friday, April 18th, 2014
4pm to Midnight
Saturday, April 19th, 2014
2pm to Midnight
FREE Admission

Update: The Ramen Burger will be at the event.

Koreatown gets it owns night market with music and food.

"Along with its tasty offerings, KTOWN Night Market will also feature various activities, carnival games, and live entertainment with local artists, such as Parker (also known as Dumbfoundead), already confirmed to perform. Yelp will be getting involved as well by hosting a special KTOWN Bar Crawl that continues the night and takes attendees through the top bars in the area. Angelinos are invited to join the festivities with their friends and families to experience what is slated to become the premiere community festival in Southern California."

Monday, April 14, 2014

Passover 2014 Starts Tonight

The ever painful Passover begins tonight. This Jewish holiday takes away bread from those of the Hebrew persuasion, like this editor, for seven long days. During this time the awful-no-it-doesn't-taste-like-a-big-cracker matzoh will be consumed.

If you see any Jews eating bread or leavened items be sure to call them out on social media, hurting their Jew rep.

"The Subtle Art of Pop-Culture" Gallery 1988's 10-Year Anniversary Show Online

The Subtle Art of Pop-Culture" Gallery 1988's 10-Year Anniversary Show is now online and Sailor Moon made it into the show with Veronica Fish's "Princess Serenity with Luna".

TTDILA's foodie favorites all by Joshua Budich: "Precious Venus"; "Great twin-suns mornings start with milk!" and "If you don't eat food from this world, you'll disappear"

Sherman Oaks Hospital Sucks

Steve Hofstetter, a local comedian, had to go to the emergency room at Sherman Oaks Hospital in December for a large cut to his finger, his bill was a whopping $2,807.35. He itemized how much the hospital was charging him for supplies, the hospital had charged him $1,358.15 for just over $100 worth of supplies.

You can read all about it here

"When I got the stitches removed, my doctor told me that not only did they incorrectly put one of the stitches touching a nerve (which is why I was in so much pain), but they also used five stitches when they should have used eight. My finger will never heal properly because of that, and I thought about suing for malpractice. Then I realized that they were just trying to save me money. By their calculations, three more sutures would have cost another grand."

Spencer Rothbell Some Sort of Wizard

Spencer Rothbell, writer for the upcoming Clarence cartoon on Cartoon Network coming out April 14 at 7pm is some sort of wizard. You can tell by his distinctive different colored eyes, a trait most wizards get for invoking dark magiks.

 What a freak.
Be careful with your children if you take them to the Clarence Panel at Wondercon, he might change your children into chickens if angered by their questions.

Cartoon Network Presents: Uncle Grandpa & Clarence 
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Location: 300AB

What’s better than a panel of one Cartoon Network comedy? TWO CARTOON NETWORK COMEDIES! Join the talented magic-makers behind two of the newest comedies to join the Cartoon Network family: Uncle Grandpa and Clarence. Get your laughing muscles ready for an hour of cool content and commentary…times TWO!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Blazing Saddles at Chinese Theater Tonight April 11

Blazing Saddles will have a special showing tonight at the Chinese Theater with director and legendary funny man Mel Brooks in person.

Fans of the film might remember part of it does takes place at the Chinese Theater. It doesn't get more meta or fan-oriented of seeing the film head to the Chinese Theater while you're watching it.

Blazing Saddles Friday, April 11 9:00 PM TCL Chinese IMAX
Individual tickets are $20 for general audiences, $10 with valid student I.D. for most events.

Short Peace April 18-24

Short Peace features the work of four different directors, some iconic, some still making a break in anime. Possessions, an Academy Award nominated animated short is about a lone traveler confronted by spirits and an abandoned shrine, directed by Shuhei. Gambo, a red demon wants to hunt a royal family, but a mysterious white bear defends them, directed by Hiroaki Ando with character designs by Yohiyuki Sadamoto of Evangleion fame. A Farewell To Arms, men battle robotic tanks in Tokyo's apocalyptic age, directed by Haijime Katoki known for his character design work on Mobile Suit Gundam. Combustible, what was it like being a in ancient Japan dealing with fires, love and honor? Katsuhiro Otomo shows us as a director.

Short Peace
April 18-24
Downtown Indepdent
251 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler Fondlebots

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler, a brand new Spring anime from Japan has a strange premise. The hero who pilots a giant mech can only power up by fondling girls and is a total pervert. Madadanbashi Kouich can only use his inner strength after grabbing a girls boobs in this total fan service anime. He fights the Penguin Empire, possibly the nicest evil organization and those aren't boners, those are tails... I guess.

Murder LA 000046

On Tuesday it was reported that there had been multiple stabbings and an officer-involved shooting on Palm Ave in West Hollywood. At that time the official story was that Sheriff's deputies were checking reports of an assault, when two men exited the apartment and "lunged" at them. Only one of those men was shot and killed by the deputies, who then entered the apartment to find two more men, one choking the other. All three survivors had been stabbed.

John Winkler
via KABC
A very confusing situation, relayed by a deputy apparently acting as a spokeswoman, which made it sound as if there were multiple assailants, ending with an attack on the officers.

On Thursday the Sheriff's Department painted a very different picture. The two men who "lunged" at the deputies were, in fact, victims--one "bleeding profusely from the neck." The deceased, 30-year-old John Winkler, was following close behind, and was now shot because he was "lunging" at the bleeding man.

Winkler, according to a friend who talked to the LA Times, lived in a neighboring unit and got involved because he heard screaming. They report that he knew the hostages, one of whom lived in that apartment with the attacker, Alexander McDonald. KTLA has a very different version of events from another friend who said Winkler and the other man were simply visiting McDonald and his roommate when McDonald took and hid everybody's phones, claiming that they were bugged, then grabbed a large knife, at which point they made him leave the apartment, but he got back in by climbing to a balcony.

I think police have a very difficult job and deserve some leeway on split-second decisions. According to the Department statement, a witness gave the responding officers a description of the attacker: a thin, white male wearing a black shirt. Now, this is a fairly useless description--probably half of West Hollywood is thin, white males, but I can perhaps understand them confusing him as the assailant. They would certainly get flak if the story was instead that they had stood idly by and watched as a bloody victim was stabbed again in front of them.

Their story on Tuesday, however, is not understandable. That whole "bleeding profusely from the neck" thing went unsaid in favor of two men lunging at police, and contrary to what was said on Tuesday, the LA Times on Thursday reported that one of the other victims, presumably the other runner, was shot in the leg by deputies. The Assistant Sheriff said he was briefed Tuesday that it was "pretty apparent" that they shot the wrong guy, so why was it given to the press so differently on that same day?

Palm Villa
via Google Maps
McDonald is in custody, with bail set at $4 million. He has been charged with murder, attempted murder and torture. Under California's felony-murder rule, a perpetrator can be charged with murder if the commission of a felony causes a death, even unintentionally.

The other man who was shot is said to be in stable condition.

The city of West Hollywood says the incident will be reviewed by several agencies, including the County of Los Angeles Office of Independent Review and the Sheriff Department's Internal Affairs Division.
Davids and Ma
via Facebook

The apartment complex on Palm was the scene of another gruesome crime less than two weeks prior, on March 29th. Andre Damiane Davids killed and mutilated his boyfriend/roommate, Dr. Kurtland Ma. Police found Ma dead on his kitchen floor, reportedly with his genitalia cut off and stuffed in his own mouth. Davids was found in a bathroom, having stabbed himself and taken pills in a failed suicide attempt. An officer was quoted as saying that it appears to be a crime of passion, with one partner having been unfaithful, though perhaps we should be weary of preliminary statements.

Ma posted several photos of himself
performing stunts in front of famous sites.

Not Pokemon But Pokemon Books

Capture Creatures Deluxe Edition
$80.00 +Shipping 
Capture Creatures Regular Edition
$40.00 +Shipping

TTDILA thought there might be some sort of collection of Capture Creatures through the Gallery Nucleus store where Capture Creatures had it's own art show, no. Instead it was just found online at random.

"A 300+ page hardcover collection of 151 powerful and adorable creatures inspired by Pokemon. Hand-painted by Becky Dreistadt, each with a description written by Frank Gibson. The deluxe edition features a three-piece cloth hard-cover with a screen-printed ribbon bookmark and a color bookplate signed by the authors."

The Exquisite Beast DELUXE Edition
$60.00 +Shipping
The Exquisite Beast Regular Edition
$30.00 +Shipping
"A book of one hundred ink drawings by Yuko Ota and Evan Dahm. The two artists took turns advancing a creature through steps of a strange evolutionary process. Printed in two colors. Hardcover. The deluxe edition is hardcover with cloth and fake leather binding, and a ribbon bookmark. "

Pokemon Trio Sprite Portrait 3-Poster Set

"The three original Pokemon starters - Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle - are recreated here in extremely intricate sprite portraits. This technique involves painstakingly creating vector sprites and arranging them to create detailed illustrations. When viewed from a distance they're immediately recognizable as the adorable Pokemon that they are."

Batman: Strange Days Online

The new animated short Batman: Strange Days from Bruce Timm for the failing and time slot changing DC Nation on Cartoon Network is online. Batman: Strange Days has Bruce Timm doing what he does best, actually animating instead of being a worthless behind the scenes administrator.

 A great piece of animation, which might be the only new thing on DC Nation then Teen Titans Go! with nothing else set to come out this year and Beware the Batman missing from the line-up.

TTDILA still doesn't understand Cartoon Network's bizarre procedure of not showing finished episodes of Beware the Batman, which would cost them nothing to show and could still draw in some fans.

The show is lackluster in TTDILA's opinion and we're happy to see it go, but for those loyal to the show and basic common sense of getting viewers with new content why not just have a marathon of new episodes? Put that bat out on a damn Tuesday night and get some extra viewers.

Cartoon Network, the channel that doesn't give a crap about schedules or WB animation.

The Watcher Hates Hank


In X-Men #25 the Watcher reveals all the different futures the X-Men could have had based on their current arc then tells Hank(Beast) none of them will happen because he messed with time bringing the early X-Men into the present. When the Watcher takes the time to say he's disgusted by you it has to hurt.

Giant Ralphs Finally Opens in Sherman Oaks

The new 72,000 square foot store opened up yesterday April 10, 2014 with it's own huge kosher section and cheese store, Murray's Cheese Shop. The Kosher Experience department is a 1,500 square-foot store within  the store, "featuring a full-service delicatessen, bakery, meat and seafood department, frozen food section and several aisles of non-perishable kosher food products. "

"Shoppers visiting the new Sherman Oaks Ralphs Fresh Fare will enjoy an expanded selection of products and services, including an abundance of fresh produce; a fully staffed meat department featuring high quality meats; a fresh seafood department; a full-service bakery featuring fresh breads, rolls and desserts; and a service delicatessen with fresh items for shoppers on the go, a full-service pharmacy and a wide variety of organic/natural and gluten-free offerings."

and there is a Starbucks.

Sherman Oaks Ralphs Fresh FareOpen daily from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.
14049 Ventura Boulevard

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stephen Colbert Replacing Letterman, Comcast in hotwater

Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman in a years time for his late night host spot. Colbert's show is to be replaced by some terrible show by Comedy Central that will be replaces by subsequent terrible shows until something good is finally picked up.

Comcast and Time Warner Cable execs grilled by lawmakers 

Chilling facts about how much control Comcast and Time Warner would have if their merger goes through. Netflix paying them off for their srvices a while back shows big companies think the merger will go through no matter what the government does.

"Of particular worry is the Internet, where Comcast could have a 40% nationwide share of the market. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn) said that kind of clout has the potential to be abused and harm new entrants into a burgeoning market.
"What will happen to the next Neflix that today is just a dream in a garage?" Klobuchar asked. "

"The harshest critic and toughest questioning came from Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), who has made no secret of his disdain for Comcast and his opposition to its proposed purchase of Time Warner Cable
"This deal will result in fewer choices and higher prices," Franken predicted, adding that Comcast wants to control the national market for cable and broadband."

Amusement Expo 2014 and Tabletop Deathmatch

Arcade Heroes covered Amusement Expo, the west coast's largest arcade showcase. Sadly, USA isn't getting that many new titles.

Part 1 was kind of boring
Amusement Expo 2014 Part 2 
Amusement Expo 2014 Part 3: Videos!

Tabletop Deathmatch is an independent game design contest by Cards Against Humanity. 16 games go in, one gets printed. The games that lose still get shown in the contest.

via SuperPunch

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Tom and Jerry Show is really bad

The Tom and Jerry Show premiered today April 9th on Cartoon Network alongside a brand new Teen Titans Go episode and a short Batman cartoon by Bruce Timm. It shouldn't even be on the same network with the other two- the level of how bad it was, ugggh.
This new Tom and Jerry Show doesn't come directly from Warner Bros Animation, but from Renegade Animation, not known for anything that good. The animation is cheap, the jokes are cheap and the writing makes little to no sense.

An example from the first episode is Tom throwing soap at Jerry's face in a fight. Now to anyone whose watched Tom and Jerry before, Jerry would swallow the soap and burp out some bubbles. That doesn't happen. Jerry slides on the soap like a surfboard to nothing, he just rides some soap.

The strangest bit might have been from a one-eyed lizard that had a striking resemblance to the Macaroni and Cheese dinosaur from years ago. He had lines that made no sense within the story.

You get what you pay for an I assume Renegade was picked as the cheapest animation studio they could get to make the show and it shows.

Future episodes are to have voice talent from stars like Jason Alexander, y'know cause kids love him. What a waste of money.

Giant Highball Glass on Hollywood and Higland for Mad Men Premiere

For the Mad Men premiere of season seven on Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT AMC is going all out with by installing a giant highball glass at Hollywood and Highland. Overnight it will be put up and Thursday morning you'll be able to see the shining vessel of late night drinks to take selfies with. The glass will drain of it's liquor in conjunction as it gets closer to the show's premiere with a 1960's alarm clock nearby showing of how many days until the new season begins.

New York is getting one too.

The TMC Film Festival is going on while the giant highball glass will be up adding to the reasons to go out for the festival and catch a classic film.

Weekly What To Do: Film Festivals, Cheese and Books

Top Things To Do

Indian Film Festival
April 8-13
ArcLight Hollywood,
 6360 W. Sunset Blvd,
 Hollywood, CA 90028

The Indian Film Festival returns to the Hollywood ArcLight for another short season of amazing films.

TCM Classic Film Festival
April 10-13
Multiple Theaters

Classic of Hollywood make it back to the screens of Hollywood. Blazzing Saddles on April 11 with director and comedy legend Mel Brooks in attendance is TTDILA's top pick for the event.

Blazing Saddles
Friday, April 11
9:00 PM
TCL Chinese IMAX

Los Angles Times Festival of Books
April 12-13
USC Campus

Levar Burton is doing a live Reading Rainbow. Weird Al and Charles Phoenix are signing and it will be your chance to hit any author you hate square in the jaw, literatis! Go outside and read! Mnay authors will be in for talks and singing with a host of activities for the family.

I dare you to bring a kindle!

Arts and Culture

Butterfly Pavilion Opens
April 13 -Sept 1
Natural History Musuem 

"The Museum's 16th annual Butterfly Pavilion, which opens Sunday, April 13, features 30 species of butterflies, including subtropical flutterers, plus a new waystation for Monarchs!"

Sound Plant Advice

Guidance in Acoustical Gardening by Sound Artist Chris Kallmyer
Friday, April 11, 1 – 5 p.m.

Marina Del Rey Garden Center

13198 Mindanao Way

Marina del Rey, CA 90292

On Friday, April 11, Sound Artist Chris Kallmyer will give guests at the Marina Del Rey Garden Center the rare opportunity to explore the relationship between plant selections and sounds. This drop-in concert will connect the musical qualities of different plant species to sounds in nature, creating a wild symphonic soundscape for guests to enjoy.

Universal CityWalk Spring Concert Series
April 11-26
Universal City Walk

Some special events from press release: "Next Tuesday, the finalists of The Voice will each be performing live on “5 Towers” stage, right after their identities are revealed during a special advanced screening of the new episode, starting at 5:30pm. On Wednesday, Jason DeRulo will be performing at 7pm, which will be his only U.S. appearance for his new album “Dirty Talk”. Below is the list of all upcoming artists."

Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections
April 9–August 25
Getty Villa

"This exhibition traces the development of Byzantine visual culture from its roots in the ancient pagan world through the opulent and deeply spiritual world of the new Christian Byzantine Empire and its broad influence across diverse regions. Featured are mosaics, icons, frescoes, sculpture, manuscripts, metalwork, jewelry, glass, embroideries and ceramics drawn from Greek collections."

Santa Monica Global Festival 
April 11-12
Third Street Promenade

"The inaugural Santa Monica Global Festival will take place on April 11-13, 2014 on The Third Street Promenade, at the center of bustling Downtown Santa Monica.   Visitors during the weekend long event will enjoy live entertainment, international cuisine and cultural marketplace"

Craig Drake Solo Show
Friday, April 11
7pm Opening Reception
Hero Complex Gallery

April 12-13
Whimsic Alley
5464 Wilshire Blvd
"Shop from incredible vendors selling one of a kind handmade items. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and more will be showcasing in the Great Hall. Get the prefect gift for Mother's Day or Easter."

Los Angles BarCraft
Sunday, April 13
Biergarten, Koreatown

Drink beer and watch StarCraft fights.


Friday, April 11
Vista Theatre
4473 Sunset Drive

Cuban Fury Q&As w/Nick Frost
April 11-12, 8 pm
ArcLight Hollywood

If you like co-stars starring in a film, look no further.

Cuban Fury stars Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead), Rashida Jones (Celeste and Jess Forever), and Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids). Frost portrays a former salsa prodigy who attempts a mid-life comeback.

Jodorowsky's Dune
April 11-15
The Cinefamily

A film that failed to be made that deserves a documentary with its outlandish dreams that were so ridiculous Salvador Dali was to be paid millions of dollars for a few hours on set.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Friday, April 11
Nuarte Theatre

Fester: The Mindf*@k Festival
Thursday, April 10, 7pm
Downtown Independent

Weird, weird films to go see.


Greenspan's Grilled Cheese Opens
Friday, April 11
7465 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

A brand-spanking new Grilled Cheese restaurant years in the making.

The Last Grilled Cheese Invitational
Saturday, April 12, 11am - 6pm
Los Angeles Center Studios
1201 W. 5th Street, Los Angeles, 90017

The Grilled Cheese Invitational lasts hurrah get the cheesy goodness before it over. That restaurant above did open up though.

Los Angeles Avocado Festival
Sunday, April 13
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Olvera Street, 845 N Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Avocado everything on Olvera Street. 

The Chocolate and Art Show
April 11-13 7pm- 1:30am
1640 N Spring St
Eat chocolate, check out art and see live body painting.

Theme Parks

Knott's Berry Bloom Boysenberry Festival
April 12-27
Knott's Berry Farm

Special live shows and food to eat for a limited Spring time.
"New for 2014, celebrate the nostalgic history of Knott’s roots (literally!) at the Ghost Town Boysenberry Festival. This immersive festival honors the delectable berry that started it all in inventive and delicious ways."


Lumberjanes #1 Release Signing
Wednesday, April 9 from 5:00 pm till 8:00 pm
Collector’s Paradise
319 S Arroyo Parkway Suite 4, Pasadena, CA 91105

"Signing with Noelle Stevenson (creator of the popular webcomic, Nimona, available at and Shannon Watters, co-creator of Lumberjanes and editor of all things at KaBOOM! and BOOM! BOX.

We will have Snacks and Adult (and all ages) Beverages, as well as an EXCLUSIVE EDITION of the first issue, limited to a measly 250 copies, in addition to the regular awesome cover. First come, first served on the LTD Edition, so be there early."

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Library Tower Might Get An Observation Deck

"Library Tower’s observation deck — if it is indeed located on the very top 73rd level — would still be the highest occupied floor on the west coast even after Wilshire Grand Tower and SF’s Transbay Tower are completed since both towers surpass Library Tower in height only because of architectural spires or crown features."

Adaptive Reuse on Steroids: Library Tower Could Go Residential/Hotel in Downtown LA