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Thursday, January 11, 2024

X-Men '97 Should Have Come Out Already


Not sure why, other than just rumors and other factors, but X-Men '97 should have come out already. The continuation of many people's favorite 90's super hero cartoon has been talked about coming out for multiple years now. In fact, we think it was due when we heard the original creators talking about it at few WonderCons ago (2021). The easiest indication is that the toy-line has been on shelves for months. We've seen a lot of X-Men '97 merch online for Christmas with little key-chains and such.

All we can give are rumors and a date of early 2024 on Disney+, but nothing confirmed. Some say the show had to be re-worked because it was terrible and that caused the delay. There's, of course Covid, turnover in Disney,problems with the Marvel brand getting too big & general problems in the animation industry as other rumor factors.

Apparently, a quick peruse of the wiki on the show and initial voice recordings took place in 2021 with more happening for a second season in 2023.

And, the wait is gonna be what looks like two, ten episode seasons.

In any case the management of this seems poor at best and it's hard to judge anything else as there isn't even a trailer out yet. Let's hope Disney & Marvel can actually show some magic and give this cartoon the welcome back it some point.