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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Hype: Not Great News For The L.A. Times, Cartoon Network Lettering & Knott's Berry Farm Jams Gone Too


The L.A. Times is reporting on its own lay-offs today. Many great writers have been let go. Some who write about the cool stuff happening in LA like Jen Yamato. I'd look up if any of your fav writers or sections they write for are going, so, you can start following them via X or whatever to see where they end up.

We're gonna get a lot less local coverage of what makes LA great when it comes to local fandom and we have a lot of that. 


In more depressing news, the lettering off the Cartoon Network building in Burbank was recently being seen sold off on eBay. You might recall Warner Bros recently sold off the building. Not showing the greatest strategy for future animation.

Iconic Cartoon Network Building Signage Sold Letter-By-Letter In Ebay Auction

The gist of the story is Warner Bros didn't even think about keeping it for sentimental or monetary reasons and simply let the company that took the letters off sell it to someone who then sold it all away on eBay. It just shows very little love by corporate for anything Cartoon Network.

We're not done killing your child-hood, give us a second. Knott's Berry Farm jams are discontinued. Corporate simply decided to stop making them. via KTLA 5