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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Netflix’s The Brothers Sun: Fun In San Gabriel Sun

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Netflix GRV Dance Crew performing on-stage at Netflix’s The Brothers Sun 626 Night Market

After seeing a short clip of a cool collected martial arts man and his geeky friend fending off inflated dinosaur costume henchman at a kid's birthday party we thought we'd give the show a look. It reminded us of a Jackie Chan film, except Jackie was torn in two. With a butt-kicking fighter and a screaming scared-cat just trying to get out of the fight. It was Netflix’s The Brothers Sun.

And, we were happy to get absorbed into The Brothers Sun, which is actually about two brothers. Justin
Chien as Charles Sun, the older brother, a triad boss and assassin. Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun, the younger brother who knows nothing of his family's gangster ties going to college and learning improv from The Groundlings. Yes, the show has a very LA vibe, that's why we're writing about it. And, Michelle Yeoh as Eileen Sun, their Mom.

In short, and as a far as we've gotten into episodes, Charles has to go to LA to protect his younger brother and Mom from danger. What follows is an action/comedy/mystery, with some great martial arts fights and some heavy violence. 

Oh, and lots of good looking Asian food from all over LA. LA or San Gabriel is depicted as very much a food haven...with a crime underbelly and some henchmen who seem like they're out of a John Wick film. So it's a mix of mayhem and many tasty eats. I'll be surprised if there isn't a The Brothers Sun Cookbook.

Another surprise was there was a big launch event.

We would have liked to share it with this audience, but I guess it got sold-out or Netflix forgets this site is devoted to Things To Do In LA, but there was The Brothers Sun x 626 Night Market Pop Up Mini on Saturday, January 6th, this was a special two-day, free-to-attend event in Arcadia, to celebrate the launch of the show. They didn't get word to us on it.
Which sucks, cuz it looked fun.
In any case we're recommending you give the show a try now as it captures another fun look at LA with martial arts action, yet still makes us hungry. Gotta check on if the restaurants are real in the show or are based on ones we can go to. Have snacks ready for this one. Currently all episodes are on Netflix.