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Monday, January 29, 2024

SpectreVision Resurrects Mondo As Mutant

The name of Mondo is dead, bought by Funko and turned into a joke of what it once was. Mondo was once the go to for collectibles, posters & more for any type of movie/show/game. It's technically a division of Funko now, but everything that made it great is gone. Luckily, the guys over at SpectreVision were fans of original Mondo and have brought it back with its original founders to sell goods and collectibles with the stable of artists Mondo was known for. And, now it's gonna go by the name Mutant. Neat.

Long times fans of both companies, such as ourselves, couldn't be happier as this might be the only good news to come out of January 2024.

A whole slate of new soundtracks and goodies for specific fandom is coming out for you.

Mondo is dead, long live Mutant!