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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 4 "Whatever" Is A Nice Look @ Glendale's Americana

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 4 "Whatever" starts off in a place many of us might know and might be visiting for the holidays.

Glendale. One of the Evil Exes, Lucas Lee seems to be the only resident of the penthouse mansion at the much vaunted Americana. Just a fun little cameo of a place we all recognize in the recently released Scott Pilgrim Takes Off streaming on Netflix.

It is a mix-use mall/fake city/storefront village in real life, which always seems so weird. But, hey, if you can skateboard off the side of buildings, why not live there?


Oh, and one more iconic LA location from this episode.

El Coyote on Beverly Blvd.