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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Holidays 2023: Hanukkah Guide, Adult Swim X-Mas & Deathcember

-A good guide on where to eat out and grab Hanukkah goodies from around LA
Adult Swim Holiday Marathon- a constant loop of Adult Swim holiday episodes you can leave on in the background.

A Deathcember to remember. "The ultimate advent horror anthology" was reviewed back in 2020, but we're reminding you you could still watch one short a day leading up till' Christmas. The Gumby-like short might be the most unsettling. It's streaming online all over the place and for free with ads.
From the review:
"A Christmas horror movie to remember and share has been a long time coming. And it's gonna be a long time coming still as Deathcember wastes all 24 chances. Watching with a group of friends is worth the rental to just admonish it or just drink every time Santa gets whacked, but if you're here for a decent horror anthology or the subgenre of X-Mas horror, you're getting coal this year. "