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Monday, December 18, 2023

Game Hype: Jessie and Ash's Mom Comic, Game Award Game Trailers & More


Here's a comic master list and guide to the (JESSIExDELIA) comics from artist Kiana Mai. Essentially Jessie from Team Rocket and Delia, Ash's Mom hook up and sitcom  style antics follow. If you know your early episodes of Pokemon this is so hilarious. And, credit to Mai's wonderful art.

Pony Island 2: Panda Circus from Daniel Mullins was shown off at the game awards, it looks so fun and weird. Can't wait, but as Mullins seems to be doing it mostly by himself again we probably won't see it until 2025.

I did not expect to see SungWon Cho aka ProZD as what looks like to be an antagonist for you in the game 

The same goes for this not being released by Devolver like the last game.

Crazy Taxi, Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Shinobi, Streets of Rage are all getting new games from SEGA. When I first saw the new trailer I thought it be in some of face-lifted game pack, but it seems now SEGA's releasing them all separately.

DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO looks good, hoping gameplay is taking from the first three budokai games, hate how gameplay changed in later fighting series.

The rest of the games below got our interest for either coming out or being featured at Day of the Devs.

Do what it takes to make your fledgling security agency thrive in this 80s noir crime bustin', dirty crossing, vengeance-seeking board game inspired strategy game with dice and cards.


Janet DeMornay is a Slumlord (and a Witch)

Live the anxieties and horrors of what it is to be a renter in a world run by landlords. …and your landlord is a witch. Coming to Steam in 2024.

Thank Goodness You're Here!

This comedy slapformer unfolds over time as the players' exploration and antics leave their mark on the strange town of Barnsworth. With each completed odd job, new areas of the town open up, stranger and stranger tasks become available, and the clock ticks towards our salesman’s big meeting.

 Hearing noises? Seeing things? Call Home Safety Hotline! Our operators are standing by, waiting to give you the answers you need to protect your home from all manner of pests and household hazards. Home Safety Hotline is out now on Steam.


Get your first look at this narrative adventure from developers Paul Hart and Lee Williams that's best described as "Scribblenauts meets D&D