Friday, May 26, 2023

Summer Game Fest In Person? Can You Walk On Stage Too?

Summer Game Fest, named with such little care you might think a local school is doing it, is back in LA June 8th. From Geoff Keighley, the most boring host, but he owns it, also runs the Game Awards. And if you're like many other gamers, you saw what happened last year, when a rando snuck on stage and talked nonsense. Will something similar happen in person as even more trailers are shown? You can find out in person. As, Summer Game Fest is at the YouTube Theater this June. Or just stream it. Grab a ticket below.

Thu, Jun 8,12:00 PM
YouTube Theater
$35 + hidden fees and up

A two-hour live festival showcasing the future of video games, including new game announcements and world premieres.