Friday, May 12, 2023

If Your Not At The Picket Line: Read or Listen About It & Maybe Go Through Our Backlog

As we're about two weeks in of the Writer's Guild of America's strike, wanted to suggest going through our old posts/archives for things to do around the city. We've posted a lot and you have some free time, writers; when you're not picketing. 

Or if you feel so moved after reading much of the archive, start writing a script of a blog and blogger who started a website about Things To Do In LA. Or really get to know Little Tokyo or Koreatown or one of our many other mini-ethnic cities with many tasty an item to try.

To learn more about why the Writer's Strike is happening or which show you'll see delayed next year (bye-bye Daredevil), I suggest going to Deadline. We'd say the strike, well, it's mostly the writer's want their fair share of profits with how movies and television are now being distributed and made and guarantees the AI won't take their jobs. The studios want to maximize profit, so that means being as cheap as possible and there in lies what's up. That's the basics. No way did I cover it all.

Deadline also happens to have a weekly podcast about the strike. Strike Talk is a bit of a long podcast. Just starting out it feels like the duo behind it need to have a better flow. But, it will go over what's going on in the strike in greater detail. The first episode is sort of a mixed bag with vital information and one of the podcasters telling a sob story of how bad he felt when Trump was elected? Don't care, just tell me about the strike and the issues. Hopefully, by next episode they stopping being so pretentious or that there isn't a new episode. The podcasts ends when the strikes over, so here's hoping it doesn't have that long a run.