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Friday, May 12, 2023

My Famicase 2023 Is Online

RO-SHAM-BOH-NO! Oscar Natividad|Graphic Designer|USA

Last year, we had the luxury of seeing it in person here in LA. For this year, it looks like it'll only be online. My Famicase is an annual art show of fake video game cartridges. None of the games are real and the artists are from around the world and do it for free and for fun. 

Here's the whole gallery online and below are some of our favorites. There's only 252 to go through.


Turnip Inspector
Angela Nguyen|Graphic Designer|USA
The turnip famine is among us. Inspect the world's few remaining turnips to ensure there are no diseases that make it past the screening process. Save the turnips and be a hero for all turnip-kind!

Kevin Gauvin|Illustrator|France
Peas. Peas! PEAS!!!
Mix and match the peas in this frenetic puzzle game!
Cat Simulator
Guy Pradel|Illustrator|France
Plug your Cat Simulator© cartridge in your Cat Bot© and enjoy hours of entertainment !

Bloody Links
Steve Propst|Graphic Designer|USA
Play as a vampire-hunting golfer in this old school side scroller. Navigate spooky environments, defeat undead monsters with your golf clubs, and collect power-ups to save humanity. Challenging gameplay and gothic atmosphere make for a thrilling adventure.