Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Stuff We Like: Glen Brogan Super Mario Prints & Extra Terrestrial Visitors


Some new amazing Super Mario related pieces from artist Glen Brogan over at Hero Complex Gallery

Bowser (King Koopa) down in the dumps over over Peaches and Peaches herself ready for Mario Kart!

You need to pick up Extra Terrestrial Visitors, this utterly disturbing and funny looking European knock-off of ET. And you've gotta grab the shirt from the film too. Grab it by itself on Blu-ray or packages here at Severin Films. All out this June.
" From Juan Piquer Simón – the infamous writer/director of PIECES and SLUGS – comes The Restored Director’s Cut of the French/Spanish co-production that remains the most singularly screwy E.T.-influenced film in EuroCult history: When snorkel-nosed furry aliens arrive on Earth, they’ll encounter a foggy wilderness filled with sociopathic poachers, Simón’s twisted vision of what an ‘80s American rock band looks/sounds like, bizarre bursts of violence and pathos, and the boy who befriends a blue-eyed extraterrestrial he names ‘Trumpy’. Discover the movie beyond MST3K, “a very, very weird film” (Through The Shattered Lens) – also known in various versions as RETURN OF E.T., THE UNEARTHLING and POD PEOPLE – now featuring a 4K scan from the 35mm negative with Special Features that include a feature-length documentary on the director."

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