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Friday, April 21, 2023

Power Rangers: Once & Always, Maybe Never Review: Bye-Bye Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Once & Always
Now Streaming on Netflix
This had such potential, but like most reunion properties for Power Rangers it just can't do it. They've made others and they are just not worth talking about here.
This pays tribute to the Rangers you've grown up with, but has one of the most distasteful ways about bringing up the real life death of the original Yellow Ranger, Thuy Trang. Spoilers ahead I'm not sure why they even had to kill off the Yellow Ranger as other Rangers didn't even make it into the special.
You have Zack and Billy back and the original voices of Rita and Alpha. Not much else.

The 60 minute special is also missing the balance of comedy and butt-kicking, replaced with drama that can not come off as bad acting. This really has no place in a beloved 90's kids show about fighting giant monsters.

Some good callbacks are throughout, but the overall story is a bust. Skip it or just be creeped out by how old Billy looks.