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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Hype: Dead Island 2, Cult of the Lamb Update, Fired On Mars & Amazon Prime Gaming WTF?

Dead Island 2 is out Friday, kill zombies in LA all over again.
-Cult of the Lamb, Relics of the Old Faith Update on April 24

This new adult cartoon comes out 4/20, it looks like it'll make it for one season.

Just a great write-up on how little Amazon cares about Amazon gaming, it's sort of a joke that anything would be handled this poorly.
"The page is an absolute tangle to even navigate, and once you do find the games you want to grab, you discover they all unlock on different services. Some give you Steam keys, or GOG keys, or Epic keys; some direct you to sites you've never heard of; some get you to perform an elaborate ritual to connect your Amazon account to any one of a million game-specific profiles you're signed up for over the years; and some, most mysteriously of all, are redeemed directly to your Amazon game library, a thing no one has ever looked at or ever will. Did you know it has a desktop app? Of course you didn't—why would you?"