Friday, December 2, 2022

TTDILA'S Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Edition

We have a list of what you need to get for that special someone in your life. No, not your cat or other animal friend. But real friends and family, that can talk. You talking to the cat and it talking back isn't happening. You're just saying things to to that cat, bro.

Ultra HD and Blu-ray

What can I say, we love the movie and it was on our holiday gift guide last year too. The best so-bad-it's good movie of all time? How to explain anything about the movie without it sounding insane. I'll try, here: The college band and martial art friends of Dragon Sound must fight for its right to survive against a rival band and a hillbilly biker gang who has connections to the local ninjas. Just get crazier as the movie continues. A masterpiece of a middle-aged martial arts instructor playing a college student.
This year, we have the brand new version released from Vinegar Syndrome out on both Ultra HD and Blu-ray in one collection. Tons of extras in the best visual format you can see it in. And in one of the nicest looking cases for this cult classic.


Something perfect to take out for Hanukkah and get into discussion over with your Jewish family. What's your favorite thing to eat? Did they get in wrong? Have you even heard of everything in here? Some fun time complaining or memories flooding back over your favorite Jewish food to nosh.

Price varies by food
Still hungry, how about constantly being reminded about food with plushies? Kidrobot's Yummy World has a huge collection of different food items you can hug. These plush versions of things to eat look cute and would be the perfect gift as a replica of anyone's favorite food with cartoon eyes on them. Enjoy sushi, tacos, ramen, challah, it's all here with silly eyes staring at you.


Thy Kingdom Come, a dark look at DC comics future from writer Mark Waid and artist Alex Ross. What happens when the Man of Tomorrow gives up and all the children and grand children of heroes and villains fight for no reason?...possibly the end. Stunning art work to this day and an utterly amazing look at what could happen. If you've never read it before, it's a must.

Just something to make your car to stand out while struck in traffic.


Blend in. Act normal.

Jason Anarchy Games
Le Neckbeard

A trio of strange, but fun games. Your Friend is Sad, has you cheering up your sad friend with great art that'll make you laugh. Le Neckbeard has you chasing waifus, girls or girl like things you fancy as a huge internet meme nerd. And, Self Careless has you struggling being an adult with a mischievous cat with the art of Cassandra Calin.

Three inappropriate air fresheners to hang from your car.