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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Hype: Carole & Tuesday, Goodbye Volcano High, Bastard & Neuralyzer


English & Japanese with English Subtitles
Out Dec 20th 

We really liked this one, from the creator of Cowboy Bebop and set in a more easy-going setting then that show.

 SYNOPSIS:  It's not easy being an orphaned refugee, especially when you're not on the planet where you were born, but Carole Stanley still has big ambitions. However, while she dreams of forging a career in music, something isn't quite right yet. There's a spark that's missing. Tuesday Simmons has lived a life of comfort, so no one expects it when the shy young woman suddenly runs off to another city, taking little more than her beloved guitar and a need to perform with her. When they meet, Tuesday's spark ignites Carole's fire, and their musical ambitions begin burning anew. Achieving their dreams will be hard in a world where music is created by AIs, but if they don't give up, soon all the worlds will know the names CAROLE AND TUESDAY!

KO_OP is still making Goodbye Volcano High.

Night of the Bastard Comes to Select Theaters, Digital & VOD on January 13, 2023


Men In Black I & II - Neuralyzer Limited Edition Prop Replicas are coming from Factory Entertainment. These bad boys cost a lot , but are worth it if you're a huge fan of the films.

These highly detailed 1:1 scale prop replicas precisely replicate the Neuralyzer props as seen on screen. They feature cast metal bodies and have the following functions:
•   Spring-loaded pop-up action.
•   LED-lit year display, which can be manually adjusted to display any year (Men In Black I version)
•   Red standby light (Men In Black I version)
•   Blue standby light (Men In Black II version)
•   Ultra-bright LED flash.
•   Movie accurate sound effects.
•   Screen accurate time setting dials.