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Friday, December 9, 2022

Stuff From The Video Game Awards

If you were watching the tail-end of the Video Game Awards you were in for a big surprise. As I was watching and live texting with friends, I questioned who was that little boy with the Japanese dudes behind Elden Ring. Turns out, just someone from the audience. In a major malfunction and a hilarious end, a random audience member spouted utter nonsense about nominating former President Bill Clinton, who is somehow both a reformed and orthodox rabbi now for a game award. As a Jewish person, I'm not sure if was even supposed to be anti-Semitic, I think it was just nonsense.

The young man was arrested shortly after that by the LAPD, no new information has been released. Here's the reaction most people had and what he said.


Another fun instance from the show was the intensity of a flute player, Pedro Eustache. He was only at the end of the show but it would have been great to hear and see him more throughout the night.

We're getting a new version of Video Games Live, unsure if Pedro Eustache, the flute player is a part of it, but they need to give him his on damn solo.

Let's look at trailers, I'm excited for  Atomic Heart, Hades II and Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC.