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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Halloween Hype: Buy Some Shirts & Glow-in-the-Dark Covers

 Walmart has special glow-in-the dark covers for horror films at reasonable prices.


Warrior of Dreams Clothing
Pre-orders from Poltergeists and Paramours

also from Poltergeists and Paramours to pre-order, this butt ugly

Regular price $27.00

We do like the

WNUF Big A*$ Button Pack Regular price $15.00 
It's based on a scary movie of the same name that looks like it was recorded off of local television in the 80's.

GLORP Fright Bite! (with FREE The Screaming Brain Of GLORPenstein T-Shirt)  $ 25.00

Everyone's brain is screaming these days! Even ol' GLORPenstein isn't immune to the 24 hour a day electric pulse of panic and dread that is wired into our skulls in 2021.

So hey, kick back relax and enjoy what you can, and let your torso do all the screaming for a bit!