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Friday, December 14, 2018


IMAX VR is shutting down, not just next to The Grove, but world-wide. We must have gone once or twice, but it never became a hang-out destination for the TTDILA team. It seems like that's the same for everybody else whose gone.

For about $10 a VR experience you could try some of latest VR connected as a promotional item for movies that were coming to theaters. There were a few titles here and there that were original ideas for the experience.

LA's IMAX VR Center, the flagship version, has not shut down, yet. It's to close some time next year, with no official date, but, it will be closing.

Here's our review of the place from only about two years ago.

If you're free this Christmas season you may want to check it out before it goes. We did like the way the place was set-up. Sort of like a futuristic arcade.

IMAX VR Centre
157 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
M-F 12PM-10PM 
S-S 10AM-12AM
Average Experience 10 minutes
Average Price $10
*Some age restrictions per game, check online

via /Film