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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holy $h*t They're Showing Deadly Games Dec 19th

The movie has multiple titles abroad
Wed, Dec 19, 7:30pm
Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028
$ whatever, it's worth it

This is crazy, both that they got a copy to play and the movie itself. This baby, Deadly Games aka Dial Code: Santa Claus comes from France 1989. A rich little boy who lives in a castle/mansion must defend his home and his nearly blind Grandpa from a murderous Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. It is in no way what you can imagine.

*There's some strange lawsuit from the makers of this film towards Home Alone, which came out a year later and it's totally unfounded, because there wasn't any murder in home alone.

*France has something called Minitel it was like the pre-Internet that America never got. The title Dial Code: Santa Claus comes from using the Minitel network to try and contact a Santa program using codes, which takes place during the film. This is info so you don't get lost, if you're wondering what's happening in the movie or where the title comes from.

We might review the whole thing here on the site. But in the mean time, do yourself a Christmas solid and see this insane 80's mess of nostalgia with a cool soundtrack and homages to Rambo. Oh, and a killer possibly pedo Santa.