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Friday, December 14, 2018

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Premiere

By Jonathan Bilski

You will be blown away by how good this movie is! It may also be from Broly going insane and blowing you off the continent you were on. Now, the average viewer in America has gotta wait until after Christmas, Jan 16th to be exact, to see this wonderful new film. And the Japanese audience just got it too. It's not the usual year and a half wait for us state side. So, there's some things to be thankful for early year. And one is Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

You"ll be giving a lot of thanks to Funimation and Toei for bringing you simply the best of the latest Dragon Ball films and quite frankly the greatest animation seen on screen in years. This film is back to hand drawn epic fights. Yeah, there's a noticeable switch to when the CGI kicks in, but every second of every fight is what it should be: utterly amazing!

Without ruining as much as the Japanese trailer, I'll give you a quick synopsis. We get a new origin for Broly that takes us to before Planet Vegeta exploded and then we skip ahead to after the currently airing Dragon Ball Super. This movie packs an insane amount of green-powered punch paying homage to both the original take on Broly and still being such a kinetic throw-down it'll fill you with so much energy after seeing the movie you"ll swear you ate to many Pixy Stixs.vThe fights, music (oh, the bad, but good death metal) and ridiculous Toriyama humor all peaks through like an energy blast exploding. See the movie in theaters with other Dragon Ball fans!

The premiere had some fun before hand with cosplayers and a special festival for VIP's. This all took place at Hollywood's Chinese Theater, where the film screened for the first time in North America.

The red carpet beforehand had: Sean Schemmel the voice of Goku. Christopher Sabbat, the one and only voice of Vegeta and Piccolo. Vic Mignolia, the voice of Broly and Sonny Strait, who voiced Bardock, Goku's Dad. They were joined by more of the English dub cast and celebrity fans of Dragon Ball.

Christopher Sabbat taking photos with fans

Christopher Sabbat

Sean Schemmel  & Christopher Sabbat

Vic Mignolia

Sonny Strait